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I think I’ll have energy for posting tomorrow (and I sure hope I have it on Thursday, because I’m supposed to get my chestpiece finished that day). I’m more tired today than I thought I would be so I’m afraid it’s going to just be this great white on black tattoo is by Yvonne and Hannes at Blut und Eisen in Berlin, Germany.

white on black dragon tattoo

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  1. Holy negative, Batman!

    I can only imagine the difficulty of a reverse line drawing. I’ve done several in pencil and it’s not the easiest, and always required lots of erasing!! lol Great work!

  2. I’ve heard of people just doing white tattoos over black, no reverse line drawing needed, just alot of hard work to get the shit to show, I’m sure that’s what this is.

  3. What an awesome tattooed, im not surprised tho after I clicked on Yvonne and hannes website. Some of the most exciting designs I have seen, outstanding work.
    I totally love the sleeve geisha tattooed amazing work.
    *bravo bravo:)

  4. this is a white ink tattoo on top of a black ink tattoo… i’m actually really stoked to see how well it came out cause i’ve been looking into doing some of the same kind of work on myself… now i know how very possible it is to accomplish and end up with a great end result… kudos to you sir

  5. So the white pushes the black out?

    I’ve wondered for a while, seeing some really good tattoo coverups posted on the net, if part of the “hide the bad tattoo” happens involves the new ink helping to push out or fade some of the bad, and not ONLY the old stereotype “tattoo a black panther over it” scheme?

    There are some pretty bold bad tattoos (IMHO, and apparently the owner’s, considering) out there that manage to get covered with great things that at first don’t seem all that much darker… skills, I suppose.

    Aside from that, though, this just looks cool.

  6. Wow. Now how is this done? Do you tattoo the white in as you are doing the black or do you let the black heal then tattoo the white?

  7. I was just asking because my tattoo artist told me that it wouldn’t come out right if he covered my tattoo with light ink, then put the cover up tattoo over it. I assumed it was because the black would still show through the light colored ink so obviously this tattoo confused me.

  8. I was talking with Rain Partlow (amazing master tattoo artist) a while back about light-on-dark cover-ups, which this white on black essentially is. He was explaining that there is a fine technique to basically super-saturating the skin with the lighter ink (or more specifically, the layer that holds the ink). When the body carries away the excess ink and equilibrates to normal concentrations, it takes some of the dark ink away with it too, washing it out.

    With multiple sessions, you can dilute the old ink away almost completely. The trick seems to be getting all that ink in there without chewing up the skin.

  9. An excellent bit of work. I agree with 18, it would be good to see the whole. This is akin to Reece, whose black tattooed face with white trace work I spotted a couple of times in the shots from the London Tattoo Convention. Very nicely tattooed nipple as well. I’m not feeling so unique (!?) now, having had both of mine done over 20 years ago!

  10. Tattoed nipples rule.
    Solid black rules.
    Reverse line drawing rules.

    Tattoed solid black nipples with a white line drawing all around rule ^ 3

  11. this is just amazing! I remember my tatoo artist having hard times just to get some purple to cover up black…not to mention the white wearing off so fast!…that’s a great piece of work! And a very powerful dragon too! I agree: solid black rules!

  12. Pfft I’m not expressing myself properly. Can anyone put it better? When you trace a picture onto carbon paper before a tattoo?

  13. yipes,,, my nipple is 1/2 covered,,, but that looks rather dark like they had to go over spots a couple times,,,, that’d be some interesting sensation, lol

  14. does anyone know of an artist that does white on black in toronto? i’m looking to get a piece covered on my arm that another guy messed up on me…

  15. yo i think all you guys are crazy …what do you think your skin is ,,paper to write on ….. no white canot cover black

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