46 thoughts on “Slipknot Portrait

  1. What amazing art work, the dreads look like they are real. It makes you stare at it for ages trying to work out how its been down, totally awesome.

  2. Deffinitely not the subjet that I would get tattooed onto myself, but the work is flabbergastingly amazing.

  3. the hand really freaked me out when i first looked at it. i definitely had to do a double take. i’m with midnight_d here. it’s amazing work, but not something i would be interested it… okay, the hand is still creeping me out.

  4. Thats awesome.

    I mean, I’m not into the subject matter, but you really can’t criticize the work itself.

    Like you Shannon I love the hand on the hand!

  5. that is an AMAZING tattoo. Like everybody else, I had to do a double take when looking at the hand & dreads to be sure that they were tattooed on. Amazing work. I used to be a Slipknot fan (when I was about 15…4 years ago now) but they’ve lost their particular touch. Not the kind of subject i’d like to have on me for life, but kudos to that guy!

  6. like everyone else said WOW i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me thats one amazing tattoo.

  7. that’s pretty amazing work… had to do a double take… the braids and hand look sooo realistic… kudos to you fine sir… also, i’ve seen Slip Knot many times here in Maine and they always put on a great show… if they are in your area, even if you don’t care for them much, check them out… i doubt that you will regret it…

  8. I used to be a pretty hardcore fan of Slipknot. until they became too popular and began making music instead of fierce grinding rage. I really like and love music, but I allways loved their simple way of giving al the bad things a certain place in my head. Cool artwork, and even thought I would’ve given anything for a tattoo like that in the past, it would seriously suck to have something like that (being a temporary craze) on my arm forever…

  9. One of the best three dimensional pieces I have ever seen. Makes me want to go on a road trip and find the artist for a piece. Great design too.

  10. What a great piece of art…the hand and the dreads really stick out. I used to be a huge fan of slipknot so this “old school” image of Corey brings back some memories.

  11. This is sweet and I need to somehow talk to you, I had an idea for a tattoo in mind and the way you did that hand is perfect.

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