Celtic Colonel Sanders Tattoo

I just got this email from Ryan at Precision Body Arts, and had to share it right away —

Subject: a weird ass KFC tattoo

This was so bizarre I had to send it along. Nik Kelley (iam:rabid muntjac) got bored here and drew up a KFC Colonel Sanders made out of Celtic chickens, then he somehow talked one of his friends into getting it tattooed on him that same day.


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70 thoughts on “Celtic Colonel Sanders Tattoo

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  4. glad to see there are no posts of animal rights crazies talking about how poorly they treat the chickens blah blah blah… plop plop fizz fizz… creative and quite hilarious… maybe now a celtic G.W. Bush made of douches???

  5. He’s a mad genius. He has a pretty good group of customers and friends that are into his weird drawings thankfully. Some of my past favorites are a spatula with an indian head dress and tits, and the slush puppy dog eating itself out. This is by far my favorite of his so far though.

  6. I just saw this skimming Boing Boing and I just KNEW it was from here. I love it when my two favorite blogs meet in cyberspace… *warm inside*

  7. Oh dear, is this another image getting posted on all the annoying tosser-esque websites?

    I love the chickens in it, I only just noticed them =)

  8. I’m astounded by the creativity here…okay, it’s KFC, but think of the possibilities. Celtic knotwork would be my number 1 most wanted tattoo theme (Irish ancestry, etc) but I’ve avoided it because it’s all so samey. But this really opens up that avenue.

  9. #30… This could [and probably will] go way further in a debate than the Nike tattoo did.

    Justifiably, of course.

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  11. That is awesome. You kind of have to see it from far away to really see whose picture it is. I love it!

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  13. Nice artwork and very creative but KFC?

    This would be a great piece had it not been KFC to be honest, the subject matter makes it awful, the artwork makes it creative at least.

  14. that is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time, mostly because it’s bizarre but also because it’s so well done. usually “bad tattoos” are generally shitty but damn.. celctic chickens?! of course being vegan I think it’s insane but damn does it look good.

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  16. Fuck KFC!!! They literally support animal torture. I am truly disgusted that another mindless person would get that kind of filth tattooed on them. This tattoo is no better than the goldenpalace.com tattoos.

    It may be worse because of what they do to chickens.

    Also, the food at KFC and all those places is very bad. It is literally the worst thing one could eat. (I think pure shit may be more nutritious).

    If an animal is going to be killed for food it deserves to be treated with dignity. Not kicked around like a football…………….Wake the fuck up people!!!!!!!

  17. I am the one that got this tattoo…I love KFC…fuck chickens they deserve to be fucking tortured…What dumb shits run around with no heads….fuck you eat meat asshole…

  18. i bet u didnt know that he gave 10% of kfc’s profits to the kkk or that hes a fraid of chickens. and honestly, ur retarded, i would advise u to get that removed as soon as possible. were u high when u got that? does that even have any meaning?

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  20. Col. Sanders was great. Fried Chicken is great. Anybody would be lucky to do as well in life as he did, and at an advanced age.

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