"Inner Beauty"

“For my pea in the pod. R.I.P. Louie Tiburzi.”
     - tooeleganttolie

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18 thoughts on “"Inner Beauty"

  1. Aw, thank you, guys!! Yeah, the piercings ended up looking like a weird face, but I like em anyways.. That tattoo though, means SO much.

    “Inner Beauty” was one of my Best Friend’s songs (He wrote a lot of digital music).

    He died 2 weeks before my 21st b-day, almost 2 years ago, and I got this tattoo last February, around his b-day, which was this past Friday. No one can ever come close to him, and every day hurts just the same, but this helped me out so much.

    He was always such a fan of every modification. Shortly before his death, he underwent gastric bypass surgery, and the 1st surgery to re-sculpt his entire body. It was fabulous. But it didn’t last long.

    He was always like, “You have the perfect hourglass shape, and that is what I’m getting…” So I figured, why not decorate it a lil bit with his words. A line of the chorus is, “I’ll never die.” One of his favourite colours was tacky, neon green, and we always joked about thug-type stuff, hehe, like tummy tattoos saying ridiculous things…

    He’d LOVE to see this on here.


  2. That is so sad and I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I’m glad to hear that the tattoo is helping you feel better. It’s an awesome tattoo and it’s wonderful you were able to encompass so many meaningful things in it.

  3. Aw, that’s a great reason to get a tattoo. At first I was put off by the color, but the meaning behind it is great. Props to you for getting such a meaningful mod.

  4. that’s an amazing story behind the tattoo, and i’m sure he’d love it. i’m sorry for your loss darlin’ :-\ … life’s hard like that.

    & i happen to love the color & the gangstarific place you got it on.

  5. What a lovely story. I’m glad you can now remember your friend every day in a very positive manner. Thumbs up.

    Looks like we are now family, I have ‘geek lif3′ on my belly in console font. *high five*

  6. The first thing that I saw was the sad face. After reading the story behind the tattoo, it just add that much more to the overall efect. It’s great to see that things in this world can still have deep meaning. And great looks at the same time.

  7. I love hearing the meanings behind tattoos. It’s a great tatt too, it sounds like he’d love it.

  8. Yeah, w/o saying the meaning, ppl are like “Wtf?!”

    Just another example of how tattooing can really help people.

    & The green is Starbrites Lime Green :)

  9. i love this, with and without the fantastic backstory. it’s like, silicon valley gangsta with a heart, yo. and i think some UV ink would be awesome.

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