Tattooed Paintings

So iam:Tristan has been doing these absolutely gorgeous portraits of IAM members (in this case of Courtney) — he’s taking portrait commissions for only $200!!! That’s an amazing price for a custom painting like this, but I wanted to mention that Tristan and I have been talking about doing a full calendar of his paintings for BMEshop.

Anyway, if you like his paintings as much as I do (I’m definitely coughing up $200 of vanity), you can contact him directly about a commission (here’s a link for non-IAM members). If you’re cool with your painting appearing in the calendar, please let him know that.

33 thoughts on “Tattooed Paintings

  1. Truly gorgeous, but… I know a few artists. How the FUCK does he live on $200 per commission?
    No mention of another job on his page, at first glance. (Just being nosey).

  2. oh wow!!
    he has some major talent!!
    id be definitely willing to pay more than $200 to get a piece like that! haha

  3. so how do we get ahold of him to have one of these paintings done..sum 1 help..thnx

    and as an artist myself..i must say…these kick some major fucking ass

  4. To the Artist,
    Congrats you have a pretty special talent there, plenty of detail and depth.

  5. yay!! he is so awesome!! i am glad for him! (and if i had money i would have him paint me…)

  6. I have been admiring his work for years now. As soon as I have money he’s getting a lot of it!

  7. I really want to get a portrait done for my fiance, and now that I have a link to this artist, I might just do that.

  8. this entry inspired me to do a painting of my own. if anyone cares to look there’s photos in my iam diary entry. not of anyone modified, but still a portrait.

    thanks for giving me some well needed inspiration

  9. This is just brilliant. It has such a great texture to it, theres a really strong energy to it. Awsome work! 🙂

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