First Thoughts 6/6

“BME buds for life.”

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Shannon Larratt is the founder of BME (1994) and its former editor and publisher. After a four year hiatus between 2008 and 2012, Shannon is back adding his commentary to ModBlog. It should be noted that any comments in these entries are the opinion of Shannon Larratt and may or may not be shared by LLC or the other staff or members of BME. Entry text Copyright © Shannon Larratt. Reproduced under license by LLC. Pictures may be copyright to their respective owners. You can also find Shannon at Zentastic or on Facebook.

94 thoughts on “First Thoughts 6/6

  1. Hmmm if there is that much at work…not too sure how comfortable I would be getting pierced there.

  2. That’s cool and all, if that’s their thing, but I don’t know if busting it out on top of the piercing cabinets at work is such a good idea…. unless of course they just happened to have their jewelry nicely organized in glass cases at home. Yeah. Uh huh.

  3. I sure as hell wish I had that much grass to play around with… but I’ll agree that I don’t think I’d want them smoking it at work!

  4. Imagine getting pierced/tattooed stoned. it would feel so intense, like being skewered.

  5. that glass counter looks familiar…. im guessing its somewhere in the burlington/oakville area?

  6. Mmmm, I don’t like smoking or drugs so yeah, not much for me to see here. This seems to have been taken in a place of business is just a bit suss….

    Really, I don’t see what the ” Body Modification” is in this, unless you count complicated effects on the memory. Not all people that are into Body Modification are into drugs.
    I’ve seen to many people go off the rails with addiction for me to ever want to do this……..

  7. I once had a piercer in a studio set up the room, excuse himself, and return a couple of minutes later smelling of weed to do the piercing.

  8. i would have been much more excited if i had seen this picture a year ago when i still smoked….
    oh well. yay pot.

  9. and what’s this about “off the rails” addiction to pot?? what? You can’t get chemically addicted to pot. You’d have to be a fool to be able to let pot throw you off the rails.

  10. Does this not just confirm the view that lots of people into body mod are drug addicts? Everyone is going to bitch at me now but its annoying to come on here and find people just clarifying that point of view which I have had to argue against by going wooo grass yay.
    Yes mum me getting my tongue pierced does mean I’m into drugs and fallen into a bad crowd.

    Sorry people I’ll get off my high horse now! I just hate hate hate the belief that piercings and tattoos = drugs and hate even more that stereotype being confirmed.

  11. i understand concerns of being pierced by someone under the influence of drugs, and i also understand that there are multitudes of reactions to drugs, but really guys it’s only pot, not coke or heroin. if someone takes it too far with pot they get forgetful and lazy, oh well that’s their fault they probably shouldn’t have been smoking to begin with, but don’t become the judgemental person you chastise when it comes to other’s attempts to enhance their lives, whether it be through tattoos and piercings, the removal of a toe, or just smoking a fat joint to end a hectic day.

  12. I read ModBlog via the LJ feed, and when I scrolled and saw the caption and the link I totally thought of weed before I clicked on it. Haha.

  13. Yes a shitload of people smoke weed. But whether or not someone is straightedge doesn’t matter. They are reffering to the stereotypes placed on modified people. I personally agree with them.

    I don’t care if you smoke weed or not. I would just preffer that it not be advertised. I hate dealing with the stereotypes of a modified individual and when they are being enforced on a body modification website that makes my battle that much harder.

    Yes people smoke weed. I don’t and I don’t like being labled that way. Oh and I’m not straightedge.

  14. Meg – I wouldn’t say that all modded people are addicts, but that they’re more open to different ideas, more liberal (generally).

    And I think drugs fall into that catagory. Personally, it’s a very rare occasion when I get high, but as long as it doesn’t start causing problems, I don’t have a problem with anyone doing it. And (living in the U.S.) sinse alcohol and cigarettes are legal, I don’t see why pot shouldn’t be.

    That said, doing it at work (piercing/tattooing kinds of work) in the quantities picture…prolly not a good idea.

  15. I don’t see why people are getting their pants in a bunch over this. The reason this is on modblog is because, if you didn’t notice….it spells out BME! And obviously, Shannon found it amusing…So he posted it. I don’t get why people are so worried about stereotypes…they are fucking stereotypes! I’m in college and I smoke pot and drink…This must mean I never go to class and am going to fail out, right? I like dealing with stereotypes. I like to be labeled and them prove everyone wrong. As long as you are confident in yourself, and what you believe in, 100% of stereotypes you hear will make you laugh.

  16. I think it looks like horse shit rather than weed. Sorry, but this is so silly. What do the photographer want to say with this one? I feel embarassed as a piercer looking at this.

  17. well since we shouldn’t advertise weed on here even though it’s a part of many peoples lives then we shouldn’t post any thing with alcohol becuase we don’t want people to think that when you get pierced or tattooed it means you’re a drunk ass. also, i think all religious icons should be romoved because not everone who getts a mod is religious and i would hate to have people thinking that i’m pierced for jesus. also there seems to be a lot of blood shots on this site that should not be here because many people who arn’t mod’d may not understand and could possibly think that we all like to be cut up and bloody and maybe think that we think that we are vampiers or somthing. and no more shots that elude to a homosexual life stlye for guys or gals because some people are straight and might be uncomfortable with people thinking that maybe mod’d people are all into people of the same sex, and the same for hetero photo’s because we don’t want to enforce that either… lets see what else… you know, how about only close up pictures of tattoo’s and pierceings edited if need to be to remove all indications of a persons lifestyle that way the only thing people can think about the mod’d comunity is that they have mod’s. problem solved.

    and before some one getts all “it’s in a shop!” on me. yeah i know. i can see that in the picture, and that’s not the argument i’m bitching against.

  18. Eeeww……beasters, gross…… Show us some purple haze and I’ll smile.

    As for everyone going off about “OMG it’s in a shop” so what. You don’t know the shop is open……You don’t know that the person is going home to blaze and has the next day off work.

    As for all the tight ass sXe’s out there……your all going to die from not doing drugs…..see…there is this thing called hypertension……and it’s going to cause your little vegan hearts to explode one day from being all stressed that everyone around you is on drugs.

    Trailerparkray is sooooo right on!

  19. ‘little vegan hearts’….lol. True though….

    And yeah, as long as it’s all cleaned up afterwards, whats the problem?

  20. haha, trailerparkray, I found that entire comment offensive. You should delete it.. now.

    but seriously, I love reading modblog comments and seeing how people get so incredibly worked up about a picture, whether its chicken skin or pot.

    It’s directly affecting you, so why bother with the negativity? Don’t comment, its that simple, life is waaay to short to be condemning a person for their own choices.. I mean, isn’t that what we all strive for? the right to choose?

  21. #29 people can become dependant on marijuana… i’ve been through rehab and seen it many times and to say that someone is a fool for getting addicted to pot is just irrational and ignorant… and unless this shop is in a place where marijuana is legal then i don’t think it’s the best idea to have it there… i wouldn’t want to lose my business just because i had some reefer at my shop…

  22. Gato – I agree on both points, but especially the first… People are kidding themselves when they say pot isn’t addictive (even if they qualify it with “chemically/physically addictive”), because it DEFINITELY is psychologically, and psychological addictions can be just as powerful.

  23. I agree, I’ve had many friends and neighbors whom have gotten noticebly irate, aggitated and just plain nasty when they haven’t gotten high.

    It depends on how weak willed the individual is, I think at least. Because I know several people who smoke it on a day to day basis and can quit for several weeks without any dampering on their personality.

  24. just cause someone disagrees with drug use it makes them sxe?


    anyway do what you want on your own time, i could care less as long as its not effecting anyone else

    but i would agree this doesnt belong in the studio at all, its unprofessional, even if its after hours or they arent smoking it on the job, it just doesnt belong thrown across the counter

    we dont let people put there jewelry on the counter

    why is a ounce of marijuina any differnt

  25. nice amount of weed , still it worries me that it seems to be in a piercingshop!

  26. I don’t see the problem. I don’t smoke, and I was a straight edge kid, but I honestly don’t see how weed can negatively impact your life. I have friends who smoke almost daily, and it doesn’t affect their lives or how they work. Yes the picture seems to have been taken in a piercing parlor. So what? As long as the piercer wasn’t high when they were piercing somebody or the shop was open when this was taken, what’s the problem?

  27. I’m not interested in the “pot=bad” argument.
    Frankly, I’m turned off because somone took a photo of an illegal substance at their workplace and submit it to a public, online source. The photo makes the modifed community look very immature, irresponsible and shady.
    By all means, enjoy your illegal drug use at home with my blessings. Just don’t publicly advertise it and attach it to modified community.

  28. My thoughts on the ‘stereotype’ comments:

    Human beings tend to be very dependant on vision. When entering a new situation, or meeting new people, we make judgements and come to conclusions based on what we see. It’s a defense mechanism I think. Everyone does it, and complaining that because you CHOSE to be modified people now see you in ways you don’t like is just childish, you’ve got to take the bad with the good in every decision you make in life. I’m not saying that it’s right to disregard or snub people because of the way they look, but you have to understand that most people can’t get past that initial impression. You cannot control the way others see you. Yes, it’s going to confirm the stereotype of ‘modded=drug addict’ to those that wanted to believe that in the first place, but to those of us that know the truth, it really doesn’t make a difference.

    (on a related note, I find that I’m more open to striking up a conversation with people that have visible mods, perhaps because they’ve got more interesting stories?)

  29. ER…how in the hell did someone’s creative ode to BME turn into a SxE vs. non-SxE diatribe? Yeesh! Would all this kaka be all over Shannon’s pages if the same sign had been finger painted in pudding on the glass? I don’t think so! Quit arguing..n’ stuff!!

  30. again i dont know why straight edge keeps being brought up

    because people think its unprofessional to have pot on they counter in there store, or even that pot is bad for you, does not mean that this is a straight edge arguement


    people that arent edge dont like drugs too

  31. I’m not straight edge cos I’m Scottish and don’t know what that means, but I don’t like anything to do with drugs and I could have gone without seeing that picture personally.

    Can someone please tell me what that pink thing under the “M” is? I can’t make it out at all!

  32. I’m not straightedge, but it’s just unprofessional and flatout stupid to be doing that in your business.

  33. Unprofessional and stupid to potentially lose your business over a silly picture?
    But it is a nice tribute to BME for some. And it is making me salivate a little.

    If you don’t like it, don’t look.

  34. There’s nothing in the photo that identifies the studio with any specificity, and there’s nothing in the photo that identifies the substance with any specificity when it comes down to it either.

  35. I’m straight edge and I’d get pierced by my friends if they were stoned because trust is strong, and I trust them.

    True ’til fucking death. And let others live their own lifes, not ours.

  36. Oh and to #57, if you broke, you never were.
    And I agree with Pauly in the fact that this isn’t a straight edge argument.
    As a matter of fact, read my previous post.


  37. oh damn, it’s just personal preference.

    this is a site where you are supposed to be OKAY with being different. i’m sure people don’t like your tongue ring and your stretched ears but who fucking cares b/c you are your own person and you stand up for yourself.

    this is a community… we are all different but yet still all the same.

    marijuana modifies my mind… doesn’t that count just as much as your little belly ring?

    and we all bleed red… except mine might have a little thc in it..

  38. yeah, It really does look alot like the kangaroo crap we had to collect once for a zoological study. :D

    To each their own, yes, but to call us that don’t do drugs sxe is stupid. Yes I drink. No, I don’t get drunk. I’d rather have control over my own body, but thats just me.

    I will never do drugs. Like I’ve sad before, I’ve seen some scary things happen to the best of people when they start on this road.
    Some young people from here a few years back went driving while high and wrapped themselves around a tree. The driver didn’t die, but his girlfriend did. People do stupid things….

    Antidepressants also modify the mind, but like pot, the side effects can’t be seen. If I spell out BME with some of them will that be ‘cool’?
    At least with tattoos and piercings there is (nearly) always that stable ground to fall back on. If a piercing rejects then take it out. Get an infection? Treat it in time with some antibiotics.
    Wrap your car around a tree while stoned?
    Hit your mother with a cricket bat?
    Become addicted?
    Spend all your money for a bag, just to use it within a week, with noting to show at the end of it?

    gah, sorry about the ranting guys, but I just hate ‘em…
    Call me sxe if you must.
    Do drugs if you want. It’s not effecting me, so I don’t really care.
    I’m just here for Body Modification, which I love.

  39. Yeah, my first thought was of turds.

    I’m not clear on the differences regarding so-called psychological addictions versus physical addictions. Could someone explain how these are distinct classes of addiction?

    The real question is whether addiction to body modification is a physical addiction or a psychological addiction! Anyone?

  40. #64 – you’re kidding! People have been working their uptight asses up into paroxysms of shrieking condemnation for years over the poor little plant.
    Personally I’m surprised at all this comment and controversy over a photo of some unspecifiable green stuff in an unspecifiable place.
    Allow me to apply a Leary quote -
    “causes psychotic behaviour in those who have never taken it”

  41. That picture is stupid and very unprofessional.
    Not only are drugs (IMO) for losers but who would want to be pierced/tattooed by a druggle or anyone under the influence?
    A clinical place like that isn’t the place for drugs at all.
    Keep it to the gutter.

    ‘Filed under: Funny’ ??

    There’s nothing about drugs whether is says BME or not.

    Whats next, heroin needles saying ‘ I LOVE SHANNON’??

  42. I consider myself straightedge, and honestly, I don’t have a problem with this picture.
    I grinned when I saw it, honestly, that was my reaction!
    I believe that it’s someone’s own personal opinion what they do to their body. I’m not going to tell you if it’s right or wrong, it’s your choice. If I was being pierced by someone who was obviously on drugs, I wouldn’t leave because he was on drugs, I’d consider leaving beceause he might make a mistake. I would stay if he seemed steady enough.

    I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.

  43. Heh, if you think that weed looks bad, you should see what we have to smoke in Idaho!

  44. lol wow thats a lot of pot, hey look you can see the Anatometal displays in the case at least you know they carry the best around

  45. Shannon – why do you always post such skinny buds – Can’t you post some Fat Nugs once in a while?

    God I’m stupid.

    And jealous. It’s dry out here in the Far north Down under – and I used to work for a Cannabis Club in La. :(

  46. Why not at a piercing shop lol? Isn’t it customary to take a fat doober to burn with the artist before you get a tattoo?

  47. …I can almost smell it…


    weed and I have ‘met’ a few times…and we don’t like each other.
    But hey, if it agrees with them and they aren’t working while stoned, why not.

  48. I wonder, would there have been this much of an uproar if this was done with ciggies?

    Personally I would rather be pierced by someone who is high then someone who is drunk.

    As Shannon said, nothing in the photo says its pot. It very well could be a bag of legal herbal buds like something on this page .

    What if it had been laid out if vitamin B tabs? Would you all have such a problem then? Or maybe they should have used labels from beer and whiskey bottles.

    Hell to me it looks like the tops of some of the weeds that grow wild around here, and no they aren’t pot plants.

  49. This doesn’t have anything to do with body modification persay, it’s just the fact that someone is advertising bme with it so why not throw it on the site? I agree, this probably shouldn’t be in a tattoo or piercing shop but it’s their choice I suppose. That of course only holds true if it is pot. Anyway, so what if everyone in the world smokes pot except for say one straightedge person, as long as one of us remains edge, it will stick around so don’t start dissing edge. There are alot of us and If you’re going to say that edge people need to leave people who do drugs alone, then you need to leave straightedge people alone. It’s interesting to see how many different types of lifestyles people on this site lead. :)

  50. Ewww, I can smell that shit from here. I’m not edge(though I qualify for it), I respect other people’s choices(just hate to be around the smell!), but totally agree with those here that say this pic is really unprofessional for that shop. It also perpetuates the stereotype of modded, drugged up, bad crowd… not a happy sight.

  51. Ah I quit… I’m so boring. *laughs*

    At least they put it to creative use before sending it up in smoke.

  52. People who go on about Marijuana boing bad, but drink alcohol are hypocrites. They’re both as bad for you as each other.. Well, There was a show on a few nights ago, Informing that if Alcohol was discovered today, it’d be classified among Heroin and Cocaine for how bad it is for you.

    Illegal doesn’t = Bad. Look at BME in Germany.

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