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Scarification by Paks at Por Vida in Madrid.

27 thoughts on “We’ll be back…

  1. I like the idea of it being a blade across the wrist (if it is the wrist). I’d like to see it from a distance.
    Having said that, its not exactly the most amazing scarification, is it? Maybe it’ll look better once its healed…

  2. Ironic, but nice and simple.

    I first thought ankle, although the palm print would suggest otherwise.

  3. It always amazes me exactly how FAR into ones’ own skin you can dig before it becomes life threatening. That left side looks something a little nasty. By no means is this (in its’ current state) anywhere close to threatening anything except maybe some prudish peoples’ perceptions.

  4. That’s kinda neat. I wonder if maybe they’re a scarification artist too?

  5. Man, I was just thinkin bout how kick ass it would be to have a scalpel cutting done!!!

  6. That does look deep at one side, I wonder if it’s justs shadow?
    That does creep me out though, even the idea of a tattoo on my wrist makes me feel ill!

  7. First thought: Ow! Second thought: cool! Instinct: curl wrists up into sleeves protectively.

  8. I’m curious to see how it will heal. Maybe it’s just what i’ve seen, but I didn’t think wrists scarred well?

  9. For some reason, this is one of the only scarifications that has semi-disturbed me. No, disturbed isn’t the right word.

    I mean, I like it, and I think it’s great for self-scarification.

    I guess the shape of the cutting, the appearance of the wound, and the freshness/blood makes it seem less like it is art and more like they got injured… and bloody injuries of the wrist make me feel weird-bad. But once it heals into a scar, I’m sure I’ll like it better. I’m a bit of an odd thinker, sometimes.

  10. My first thought was that it was just random cuts on the wrist… actually I thought it was meant to look like a suicide attempt.. but i see the blade now that its pointed out to me. Too close up.. need some distance.

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