Please note: This is an explicit interview, with explicit photos and video. It is an interview from the upcoming book Tortured and Loving It, a collection of interviews with BME/HARD members.

A few months ago I met “FK” in Germany. His personal play involves intense body insertions with dramatically large (and often unorthodox) objects, as well as other play and body modification activities. Due to an abnormally well developed immune system, he is able to push the limits of “if it feels good, do it” farther than most. The interview below is a translated version (the interview was done in German) of our conversation about his remarkable games.

The video (8 meg WMV file) below give you an idea of the type of play and body ritual he enjoys. I have included ejaculation and clear sexual play in the video so there’s no doubt that this is voluntary and enjoyable play. Again, let me emphasize that this is explicit, an adult interview, and that the activities you see here are dangerous and should not be emulated! Play carefully and know your limits!

* * *

Shannon/BME: How did this type of play begin?

FK: At first I experimented with pins and so on. This was when I was about thirteen years old. I was very drawn to the feeling of putting something inside my body.

At first it was curiosity — how much could I take? Then I found that pain excited me sexually, and over time it became more and more extreme. The thought of putting things under my skin is very hot and exciting. After pins I moved on to skewers, and sometimes 10mm stainless steel rod and aquarium heating rods (not turned on).

To insert the larger rods, I use very sharp special scissors that are normally used for cutting fishing line to make the incision. I’m an avid angler, so I always have them around the house. I usually don’t leave the objects in for long, no more than a day. Last year I inserted a metal rod in myself and rode a 100km bicycle route, which was quite extreme! This was an experiment to see how much I could stand and for how long.

Healing from heavy play takes two to four weeks, and then everything is back to normal. I’ve stopped now because of the considerable scars that I have from the play.

Shannon/BME: What do you think about while you’re doing this play?

FK: Obviously it hurts, but to tell the truth, this sort of pain excites me greatly. I don’t think about anything while I’m doing it, it’s just a turn on. It is a kind of “sex”, and is very exciting right up until the orgasm.

Shannon/BME: Do you think that you have strengthened your immune system with this sort of play?

FK: My immune system is naturally extremely strong. I’ve never had an infection or other complication, in my entire life, which is already quite unusual. I can eat poisonous fruits and mushrooms without difficulty. Drugs and narcotics are almost completely ineffective on me — a few years ago I had surgery with general anesthetisia and I required three times the normal dose!

Shannon/BME: It’s as if you’re a “superhero”…

FK: It’s a mystery to me as to why my immune system is so durable! As I said, I’ve never had any inflammation or infection my whole life. The only reason I stopped was because of the scars, but on the other hand, the scars are a sort of body decoration that I carry with pride. Perhaps I’ll do it sometime again.

Shannon/BME: Have there been any complications from your play?

FK: Other than some bleeding, I’ve never seen any danger in what I do, but I know my body very well. If I push a metal bar through my belly, I always remain in the fatty tissue, in order to not hurt anything vital. I do not sterilize the items but I clean them with soap and water — as I said, I am practically immune to germs. If I wasn’t like that, I’d probably not be here right now!

Shannon/BME: …and how in the world did you find out that you could survive poisons???

FK: That was coincidence — as a child I ate eat poisonous mushrooms and had no complaints! Then when I went to the dentist the anesthetic didn’t work — getting a tooth pulled without it is not fun! Later, in the hospital, for a tooth operation they put me completely under, and afterwards the anestheologist told me the does could have killed a cow… A while ago I smoked a joint with a friend. It was strong and my friend was totally stoned, but I couldn’t feel it — I’d probably have to smoke a whole lawn to get stoned!

Shannon/BME: Do narcotics work at all for you?

FK: Haha, yes, but I have to take a lot! Everything works, I just have to take a larger quantity than others.

Shannon/BME: What made you decide to document it with photos and videos?

FK: I always photographed and videotaped it so I could watch it over and over and remember it, especially because I don’t do this type of play any more. The last scene I did was the one you see in the “stomach torture” video on BMEvideo.

Shannon/BME: Do you do other play or body modification as well?

FK: My other passion is extreme anal expansion. I insert bottles, fruit, and other things into my ass. In addition, I enjoy fisting myself and being fisted by others. I don’t have any tattoos, but I have piercings in my cock, scrotum, and nipples.

Shannon/BME: How do you explain your scars to partners?

FK: I tell them a story about how I went through a window. Many of my scars are actually from a car accident about twelve years ago — I was almost cut in half due to the car not having safety glass… My current partner is not bothered by the scars, but finds it all a bit mad. He mostly fists me, and says that he likes the scars a lot.

Shannon/BME: Did you heal well after your car accident as well (I assume that wasn’t exciting sexually)?

FK: Yes, amazingly fast. I had a broken nose, a dislocated shoulder, cracked ribs, and my belly was nearly completely slit open. It was definitely not sexually exciting, but after three weeks I was back at work farming fish.

Shannon/BME: I hope this isn’t a silly question, but do you consider yourself a sort of “fakir” or is there any spiritual aspect to what you do?

FK: It’s not a silly question, but quite justified. However, there is no spiritual aspect and I am not a fakir. I much prefer sleeping on a comfortable mattress than a bed of nails!

Shannon Larratt

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