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  1. hm, it doesnt look like her nostrils are uneven so uch as her nose is just uniquely shaped. very beautiful person 🙂

  2. Super cute, all around! I’m loving the nostrils and the labret–I love large gauge piercings in both of those places. 🙂

  3. sweet shit…and those nostrils are not uneven…ill have pix on my page soon

  4. Depression, yes even clinical depression, is a part of life. This society treats depressed people like it’s contagious. World = vastly imperfect, people = sad.
    Good for her for having the balls to admit it.
    Those horns are super cute.

  5. I totally agree with Em on this one, and personally think clinical depression is an awful thing that so many people these days have to live with. No matter what age people are, early teens to pensioners suffer and its unrelentless.

    Hugz ya casket hope today is a good one for you.

  6. Giles – I’m with Em, a lot of us deal with clinical depression and it’s nothing to be ashamed of (I’m not suggestion you’re saying that she should be ashamed of it). Hell, I had an appointment with my doctor just yesterday, who I was referred to about a decade ago after spending a week unconsious after an intentional OD. He’s a not just a depression specialist, but a suicide specialist. Even when everything is going great and I’m feeling well, suicide fills my thoughts and has for my whole life. I don’t know if it’s a wiring problem in my brain or what it is, because I definitely don’t want to do that on any logical level, but the fact is that the feeling is there and I have to learn to live with it. It’s sad, sure, but it’s a fact of life, and we deal with it, do other things to make us happy when we can, and move on from it as we are able.

  7. I think some people have missed my point here. I too suffer with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, it seems a worrying trend that many modified people I know also have mental illnesses and feel quite lonely and detached. I worry that having such an extreme image can isolate many people from others and antagonise the sense of detachment that some feel from society.

  8. I don’t always like the look of pointy ears, but those came out perfectly. They really suit her face.

  9. giles – more and more human beings in general have mental illness. it’s actually the most common cause for disability in the US now. it’s not a modified person thing. i know that getting work done helps me get through rough spots as opposed to creating them, i hope it is the same for others.

    aside from all that, she is one cute patoot.

  10. “more and more”…

    Is this really true? More than ever? Do you mean a higher proportion (because more and more people are being born every day!)? Simply more being diagnosed than before? Perhaps because diagnostic criteria have changed?

  11. Giles – I disagree with the “more and more” point, and I also disagree that there’s a bias in this community (and that’s been backed up with research — and not by biased ol’ me).

    The reason *I* don’t see it as an issue is that *I* feel that body modification is far more effective self-treatment than what the medical community can provide most of the time.

  12. Elf ears, facial and neck tattoo, large guage piercings…gorgeous.

    Giles, I don’t know if it’s so much that people become depressed because of the isolation that comes with mods or if people become modified because of depression or mental illness. It’s about being who you want to be, having control over some part of you because mental illness can cause you to feel as though you have no control. Also, apparently creative people are more prone to mental illness, and I think creative people are drawn to mods aswell.

  13. I don’t agree with the “more and more” point either but I do believe that there is a definite connection between some of the more extreme modifications and the lack of self esteem and worth that goes with some mental illness.

    The thumb removal in the earlier thread in which Shannon said that some people feel more ‘whole’ after removing parts of their body. This is in itself is someone addressing a psychological situation with a physical act no more different than self harm. There is a clear connection between the aesthetic blood letting and cutting that sometimes is shown here and the cutting seen by self harmers. Both actions leave the person feeling more ‘alive’ or more ‘complete’ after the event.

    Creative people have definitely a greater chance of contracting mental instability but there is conflicting evidence to suggest whether one contributes to the other.

  14. I think it’s just more obvious to see those who are not part of mainstream society as “odd” and so attach these things to them.
    My best friend is one of the most “normal” people you will ever meet, but she suffers from the most horrible depression I’ve ever seen. She’s not modified, she’s no artist or writer, but she is very mentally ill…

    “Both actions leave the person feeling more ‘alive’ or more ‘complete’ after the event.”
    That’s just due to levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. I studied it in psychology :]

  15. “That’s just due to levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. I studied it in psychology”

    Then you’ll also know that DEPRESSION is due to levels of neurotransmitters in the brain.

  16. Whoops. Naomi, I misread what you were saying and the context of your quote, so my response was possibly not relevant at all … sorry.

  17. She sure is a cutie 🙂
    This talk about depression and such got me thinking; I don’t think that there is a correlation between BM and ‘mental illness’ (god i hate that term) any more than there is a correlation between happiness and unmarked people. I think it’s simply more likely that people who are willing to stand out from the crowd, to proclaim their identities, are also willing to talk openly and frankly about their internal states, their mindsets and emotions.
    Whatever the case, I really hope this beautiful woman cherishes herself enough to keep-on keeping-on, ‘caus it’s totally possible to do that.

  18. Comment @ 29 Chaq
    I also think this lady is so brave to step out from the crowd and be counted.
    These days with the amount of depression thats out there, it never senses to amaze me the stigma thats placed on it.
    Im not sure whether its the person themselves that class it as a stigma, or those around. So very often the sufferer has to make feeble excuses to fob off their behaviour. PMT is often used amoungst the female population.

    I think your great what you said above, and im sure casket will gain something from it also.

  19. To my understanding, it is unclear whether a higher propotion of today’s society have mental illnesses, or whether the rate of reporting (self-reporting in surveys or doctor-reporting for known cases) has increased due to a better understanding of mental illness and a lessened stigma attatched.

  20. i am depressed most of the time simply because the world around me is depressing and that people in this day and age are still ignorent, blind , and feel that they have a right to discriminate against anyone for for any reason. we live in a pathetic and sad world. really guys, my mental state is fine. no need to worry, i promise. thanks for the concern though

  21. “Whatever the case, I really hope this beautiful woman cherishes herself enough to keep-on keeping-on, ‘caus it’s totally possible to do that.”

    Quoted for truth.

    I’m actually astounded by this woman’s physical beauty – the mods accentuate it brilliantly, but her face has an immense, subtle beauty anyway…

    I sound stoned, but I’m right.

  22. To Shannon: I’ve delt with the same thing scince I first attempted when I was about 13, I think my brain is a bit unstable from drug use as it is but even though I consider myself a very happy person (most of the time) I still wrestle with the thoughts of suicide from time to time. I never got into self harm all that much when I was younger and I just recently got into branding myself but that I consider more of a test to see how much pain I can take as I’ve always hated being burned. I’m not sure if they are around still or not but search on the internet for a group called Mad Pride, I read about them in an issue of ADbusters years ago.

  23. I’m with Stainless…my first and really only thought looking at this picture was “Tony did an awesome job on the ears…”

  24. i think the whole depression thing is that you do not need it to be one of the first thing people know about you.

  25. I think she looks phenom. She looks like she’s embraced her fantasy world..

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