Bumblebees and Tractors

It’s pretty common when tattoo artists go to the bathroom or out for lunch, for someone else in their shop to “borrow” their not-logged-out-of IAM page and express their undying love for donkey love. It’s worse though when Cere‘s hanging out at the shop, because he’s moved past messing with people’s computers to messing with their tattoo machines… That said, I have to admit the “JOHN CERE” tractor is pretty funny! Beware if you see him lurking about Beelistic Tattoos in Cincinnati (previously).

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31 thoughts on “Bumblebees and Tractors

  1. i guess i am lucky to have a penis

    for i havent been talked into one of this tattoos yet haha

    i have a kick ass howie tattoo though, fuck yeah love muffins

  2. I really love the cow in that pic. It reminds me of Harvest Moon…ahhh weird Japanese farming games…how I love thee

  3. Pauly: sweetie you don’t get excluded from the Cere tattoos just because you have a penis……i sleep next to the “john cere” tractor every single night and i assure you…..it’s owner has a penis!!

    **i don’t get it either**

  4. Cere tattooing people is just fine, as long as he doens’t teach others to suspend since “We don’t need every garbage man out there trying to suspend people.” ;)

  5. Garbage suspending people?!?!?!

    No way! Only over-inflated ego wanna-be mexican hippies can do that…

    Now only if i could find something better then a chain hoist to hang people with….

  6. …..a part of me REALLY REALLY wants a Cere tattoo…..I mean…c’mon…that bee is adorable.
    …but then again, I don’t want to add to his ego…. ;)

  7. I wish i would have been there and taken pics of the serious meetin in vegas. cere dressed in an orange pimp suit and allen in some crazy silver glitter outfit tryin to prove a point. hahahah that would have been priceless. even though cere is a garbage man and should not be doin what he does…. he is an african not an africant after all. let my people go:)

  8. LOL I think this is kindof cute. Walking grafitti, only he’s been given permission to deface them. LOL

  9. he doesn’t always page jack, infact when I did my last suspension he borrowed my laptop and told me he was logging me out because I was nice enough to let him use it. i was let down. i WANTED to be pagejacked by Cere cause he’s the man.

  10. I cannot stop laughing that someone would actually let cere lose on them with a tattoo gun.

  11. Empress, you just dont understand me, but its ok. Most of teh great artists werent recognized for the genius they were in their own lifetimes….

    Stigmata: Yeh, that meeting was the MOST RESTRAINED ive ever been in my whole life. I still cant believe she was able to walk out of it.

  12. Cere,
    Ok sorry I was tough on you, what can I say some bastard woke me this morning with a friggin cement cutter doing a driveway at 8am, im on holiday (:

    I do like your bee above its kinda cute.

    Great big hugz sorry sweetie x

  13. bobby said he can still get ahold of that chain hoist if you still need it…….the offer’s still open, man.

    gratitude to the tattoing garbage man, that’s all.

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