44 thoughts on “Unusual Tattoo Aftercare

  1. awesome tattoo but it’s not a gremlin unless it gets wet or eats after midnight.. therefore, still a mogwai.

  2. sweet, my brother has tattoos on his calves of gizmo ripping a bong and the gremlin stripe with a blunt. he would love this

  3. hahahah nicely done
    even though gizmo always kind of scared me because he looks just like furbies. and furbies scare the shit out of me. they start talking in the middle of the night! ahhhh!

  4. oh my god. this is so cute.
    I’ve always wanted a little Gizmo for my own. and when I saw this I just had to awww.

    it’s very well done as well!

  5. aw this is adorable! and such good quality!! does anyone know who it belongs to? It would fit really well into my dissertation about tattoos in films, and the audience research bit about people being influenced by films to get tattoos. would love a little interview :]

  6. The best part of this tat for me is the way the fingers are done. What a beautiful interesting piece of art.

  7. That is absolutely amazing quality.
    I’d almost forgotten about those movies. I loved ‘em when I was a kid.

  8. I’ve always wanted a Gizmo, although knowing me I’d do something stupid, like feed him after midnight and he’d get all ugly and stuff!

  9. to all you people screaming mogwai…bravo you remembered that from about 20 years ago lol

  10. Maybe it’s that I’m exhausted and stupid, but I cannot figure out where this tattoo is placed.

    Regardless, it’s totally awesome.

  11. #34, it looks like it is on the back of his calf right below the knee, either that right below his elbow but I am almost sure thats a calf, and yes mogwais are adorable as is the tattoo.

    anyone but me notice that the movies from the 80′s are way cooler than the movies coming out now, I mean I have’nt seen a single one that could stand up against The Goonies

  12. The “don’t feed after midnight” always grated on me as a kid – there is no “but it becomes ok after X”. It’s always after midnight! And is this like local time or what? Based on the sun? UTC? Daylight savings? Lousy specs.

  13. This is actually my tattoo, it’s on my outer left thigh for those that were curious. The work in progress that is visible is on the front left thigh. It really is an amazing tattoo, I still can’t get enough of it. Yet, believe it or not, it hasn’t done very well in competition. Your guess is as good as mine?!
    You can see more of Scotty’s work on:
    or on my page at:

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