"Tomarrow Never Knows…"

…Until it’s too late! I’m going to hope that this tattoo is a clever spelling joke, lest this Indiana University of PA student may not graduate with stellar marks!

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50 thoughts on “"Tomarrow Never Knows…"

  1. I hope this is a joke…even if it is, I don’t find it that funny really. I mean, I can laugh at other peoples stupidity…but it gets old laughing so much =/

  2. Eep. I’ve seen fixable mis-spelled tattoos but this just looks like a good time for a coverup… :I

  3. The only thing I can think is that it’s a reference to a Beatles song ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’, and that Liverpudlians say Tomarrow/Tamorrow because of their accent.

    I could be completely wrong, of course.

  4. 7 = true.
    i just hope that this person is perhaps a foreign exchange student, and will endure mockery only as long as they stay in english speaking countries, but will return to the homeland and be super cool.

  5. What do you think the chances are that he didn’t know it was misspelled until he saw it posted here?I don’t see what is so had with finding a dictionary and triple checking the spelling of something.I know my spelling is horrendous so I would have no choice but to make absolute sure it is spelled correctly.

  6. haha i had yes tattoed on me and i checked the spelling about a million times even thought its just y-e-s. you cant be too carefull with these things.

  7. I looked up ‘tomarrow’ and it comes up in the urban dictionary. (Not exactly the most academic of sources but it gives a reason.)

    “1. tomarrow

    Two days from now; the day after tomorrow.

    I need to go up to the mall but I think I am going to reserve that for tomarrow.”

  8. Shouldnt it read ‘Tomorrow never comes’..
    Never mine the spelling mistake lol..oops

  9. I would get sick of people asking me about my mispelled tattoo. I think that would pretty much outweigh any cleverness or inside joke it could be.


  11. Yeah I like that song too … it’s on the “Children Of Men” Soundtrack right??? But dunno the band!?!? Liked the movie also by the way although it was a little … ah … whatever ;)

  12. surely there must be a reason… even if this guy’s english is terrible, what tattoo artist wouldn’t check first to see that was exactly what they wanted? between the two of them, SOMEONE must have known!

  13. a friend of mine always spells “tomorrow” like that. i sure hope that’s not his wrist!! :P

  14. It makes me very embarrassed to have gone to the same university. Also, yikes.

  15. panties- unless they were tomarrow. because tomarrow never knows.

    personally i think that it’s got to be an inside joke of some kind.

  16. haha, that’s the college that I’m going to currently! wow, I do hope its a joke as well…the few tattoo shops here aren’t very good so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they had it done in Indiana.

  17. I once worked at a shop where one of the “artists” tattooed “remeber” across a kid’s chest…. no one knew until it was all over and somebody went “oh… shit.”

    I hope its a joke…

  18. dizzy chair time, your teacher was on to something, I can never remember if its two m’s or two r’s…
    by the way was anyone else extra careful with there spelling when posting?

  19. 30….I live next door to a guy who had his artist tattoo “remeber” on his chest…weird! They had to cover it up with some really huge crap and move the banner up to his collar line. Sort of funny, but also sort of sad. I would FLIP out if that happened.

  20. comment @ 20
    Creative you continually bash anyone else, or do you make a special effort in my case.

    have a nice one:)

  21. Way to catch on to that #34, that made my day. But I had a friend who got “follow the trail to happiness” tattooed on her lower stomach and neither her, nor the the tattoo artist knew how to spell happiness…thank goodness I was there! (not their, or they’re)

  22. I only just worked out why anyone might spell it like that… Americans pronounce it like that. /stroke of complete and total genius (/sarcasm)

  23. I automatically thought it has something to do with bone marrow. A play on words or something.

  24. Comment @ 42
    You sure you dont make a special effort in my case, me thinks so:)

  25. Seriously Empress….should? Who are you to say that anyone should do anything? By saying “should” you’re saying that they are less correct than yourself…that they are wrong and you are right. It’s their tattoo and they can word it however they want…misspelled or not. There is no place for “should” unless it’s coming from them.

  26. did anybody think that the artist is the one who mispelled it and the person getting it didnt realize it til it was too late. yall are all wrong. way to go!

  27. he is a SHE and it was an accident. don’t worry tho… she didnt have to pay for it.

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