29 thoughts on “Facial Stripe Tattoo

  1. It reminds me of a few movies (resident evil and underworld come to mind) where someone gets there head cut apart and it takes a second or two for the two sides to slide apart.

  2. Somehow I’m sure this is just the start, judging form his neck and the fact that when you’ve already had a facial tattoo you’ve broken a large barrier… but I like the concept, his face is just symmetrical enough to pull this of. The gap at the lips annoys me a bit though.

  3. THis reminds me of the Friends episode where Rachel teaches Ben some practical jokes and Carol and Ross end up with pencil lines down their face exactly like this!

    Must have hurt going over his nose.

  4. I see what you mean Shannon, one slight slip and you could not do a cover up on this one.

  5. Oh hell, help Shannon I even changed the format of my name, and still everything I post needs moderation *cries*

  6. If he does get more, I would love to see where he takes it.

    And why does everyone smile for cameras and wave at camcorders? Good for him for breaking the norm.

  7. Lov it! I wonder if it continues down the bottom of the nose (septum area) or would the lines be going *inside* the nostrils?

    I would love to see the lips eventually done too, and it would be nice to know how far back it continues too!

    Keep up the good work, aussies!

  8. One bad-ass looking dude… if i ever need somebody to collect a debt, i’m calling this guy.

  9. Yeah I want to know more. Is this a start to something larger or a piece on it’s own..

    What, if anything, does it signify? etc.

    Let’s get a BME interview with this guy! He looks interesting

  10. I’ve seen several facial line/stripe tattoo’s before and for some reason I’ve always really loved the look. This one is thicker than the lines I’ve seen before and I really like the effect!

  11. I’ve disliked most facial tattoos I’ve seen. This one is actually kind of neat; at the very least it doesn’t look really dumb like a lot of them (not including yours of course, shannon, my little buttercup).

  12. Theres alot of good facial tattoos out there & this isnt one of them its just a line across his face.

  13. Here is a coin, I bet you can’t run it down the middle of your face from top to bottom 😀

    Not sure where I saw that first but it’s a good trick if you use permanent marker on the edge of the coin.

  14. I too would like to see how far it goes. I like the concept and all, but the thickness does change and sway in a few sections, which is a bummer, but at least with the style with the shading it could be cleaned up a bit.

  15. i like how his chest tattoo looks like an inverted version of his facial tattoo.

  16. Hmmm i would have guessed that his side work was done first>>> i still dont no how the fuck he came up witht he idea to run tattoo work through that ~OM~ symbl like he did
    At least if he ever gets his nose broken theyll have a nice line to help them witht he restartinin also what happened to his top lip .??/o well (_)

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