By Chris at Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta, GA — this is a map of Atlanta’s subway system. You know, I haven’t really ridden the subway here in Toronto a lot in the last five years, but before that I rode it constantly and I’m sure for the rest of my life the subway map will be a fairly direct symbol of the city to me.

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35 thoughts on “MARTA Map

  1. Geez – how pointless is Marta?! It doesn’t go anywhere…no wonder I never ride it, lol.

  2. I love the tattoo! The Toronto Subway Line is very close to my heart. The TTC bus line/YRT bus line? Not so much…

  3. i dig it. sadly, the transit system in vancouver is horrendous. ALL the buses smell like wet dog ALL the time. i wish it was of the quality that would make me want to get it tattooed on myself.

  4. im having a really ahrd time figuring out where on the body this is. can someone enlighten me?

  5. #7: On a hip? That’s the closest thing I can think of. The “bulge” in the upper right corner of the photo looks like it could be a belly, and then below that the hip, and then a thigh. If the frame were extended a few inches on the left side, you’d see a butt cheek.

    That’s what I’m seeing, anyway. Does that make sense? Am I right?

  6. I agree with Trin, unless you want to see people pee in corners and sleep on your lap you’re better off driving

  7. Yes Trin, you’re right, the close to 500,000 trips made on MARTA each day must be imaginary people. Just because you CHOSE to live somewhere far away from MARTA and CHOSE to work somewhere far away from MARTA doesn’t mean that hundreds of thousands of people with more of a clue than you don’t use it. The fact that someone liked it enough to have it tatooed on their body shows that there are people out there who do use the system quite a bit and perfer it to the nightmare that is metro Atlanta traffic.

    I never use GA400 or actually any road outside of 285. How about we rip all of those roads up, afterall they don’t go where I WANT TO GO so they must be useless.

    Get over yourself honey, the planet doesn’t revolve around you Miss Diva.

  8. This is bringing back nightmares of navigating the TTC subway for the first time :(. Definitely one of the more original tattoos lately though!

  9. i thought it was something really advanced and over my head. i really like the tattoo, the concept is neat. i wish i had more context.

  10. Haha… I hate Marta… the best thing Ive experienced while riding was a group of 10-11 year olds screaming “Suck my dick, bitch!”… Gotta love Atlanta…

  11. I can’t stand riding MARTA, I avoid it all cost….although the concept for the tattoo is great.

  12. A good exploration of how ramdom images — including something like a subway map — can come to hold meaning for people.

  13. A good exploration of how random images — including something like a subway map — can come to hold meaning for people. Very cooL!

  14. I just like how the line work is, sometimes tattoos look better without an outline

  15. Looks like an alien star map, I guess it would be handy when you have been abducted by aliens they can run it through their database and BOOOM! take right home LOL. On a serious note though, I like to see people getting tattoos that are way out of the norm. I also like to see what the response of other people is because not everyone likes the same things, and usually if you do something out of the norm you get negative feedback from many people. I like this tattoo its different and has meaning.

  16. Maybe he’s paying homage to the subway for some reason known only yo himself.
    He could have met the love of his life on there. Or he hates to journey to work everyday.
    Come on owner of the ink, post us an explanation :)

  17. i rocked the westbound from edgewood to five points, then the northbound to arts center every day. awesome tattoo. might look like shit in 10 years, but it’ll have been worth it.

  18. Hahaha, I totally love it. I’ve only been on MARTA a few times and don’t exactly love it…but I see why it helps people get places. But yeah, that’s totally cool looking.

  19. i don’t know if marta’s subway line irks me much, but their buses totally suck if you don’t wanna get somewhere like directly north or south of you.
    i love tempe’s bus system … it’s not perfect, but it actually goes places! holy shit!

  20. Awww! Before I read the description, I thought it was a constellation, but kept wondering why it looked so damn familiar. I miss riding the train every once in a while.

  21. Hey Jason….buy a bicycle!….haha!…..Public Transport isn’t any better for the world. We’re fucked either way!……

    I’ve lived in Atlanta for three years now, and the only time I’ve ever set foot on MARTA was when I was here in ’96 for the “Olympdicks”!……

    Anyone I’ve worked with that has to ride MARTA hates it……and they are always late!….haha!……

    In the end, I see no problem with having a MARTA tattoo, but that doesn’t make it a better system……

  22. Haha, I’ve recently thought about getting the Helsinki tube map done. It used to be only one straight line, now it’s extended and Y-shaped!

  23. The tattoo is mine, and it’s on the left (my left) side of my belly. I can’t really explain why I like MARTA so much, I think it’s beautiful, and I had wanted a tattoo of something related to it for some time. A little under a month before getting it I knew this is what I would get, and I planned to do it after I got a job at MARTA (prolly won’t happen :() but one day I wasn’t in my right mind and had to get SOMEthing done and got that… no I don’t regret it!! :) sorry for responding so late, I posted this a long time ago and had given up hope on it being on the modblog (as my other tattoo… powerpoint logo… was)

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