“Cursed” Love Tattoo

AngelicFruitcake had this love tattoo done by Olly at English Rose in Peterborough (UK, not Canada). I think I’m too superstitious (how embarassing) to get a tattoo like this… the idea of tattooing anything negative on me freaks me out! Before you think it’s all negative though, the other side says “blessed”.

11 thoughts on ““Cursed” Love Tattoo

  1. what is going on at the bottom of his lobe?!

    i’d love to see the other side to.

  2. looks like his lobe got a bit of ink on it to me. also looks like he’s got a bit of a blow out..meh. neat tattoo though

  3. Yep, HER lobe just got a bit inky…haha…nope, don’t have a blowout, but I agree it does look slightly odd in that pic.

    The only think I can think of is that it may have been caused by the way I was leaning on that ear (without a plug in) while the other side was being done. It was done at the Birmingham convention, so there were just some crappy chairs to be inked on.

  4. haha… I recently had ecstasy that looked exactly like that… light blue with a heart 😀

  5. It’s driving me nuts that the outline isn’t finished around the bottom! But I really like the colors.

  6. i have “cursed” tatooed in big lettering on my back actually and i love it.

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