Gorgeous DIY Fetus Scarification

Jason Rice (apprenticing under Andrew Niland at Live Once Tattoo in North Bay, Ontario) just did this really pretty fetal cutting on himself. I know it’s not an option for everyone, but I really feel like the heart of body modification — the evolve yourself meme — is in DIY procedures, be it DIY at home, or guided DIY in an apprenticeship.

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24 thoughts on “Gorgeous DIY Fetus Scarification

  1. Wow, I don’t think I could do that to myself. I’d have to have someone else do it.

  2. That’s gorgeous! And Shannon I do agree! The mods which I am most proud of and feel are most a part of me are those I have done myself, or completely designed myself. Art on one’s body should be art of their own!

  3. his glasses and his shorts make me think.. he’s the sort of guy who i’d like to hug.

  4. Great job Jay :) just have to say how well and quickly you’ve been picking everything up! Much impressed.

  5. The only DIY stuff I do alot of is playpiercing oddly enough. I was a cutter but never “in designs”. But i have a lot of respect for DIY anything in the mod community.
    I also really like this particular cutting!

  6. That is beautiful. Quite simple and lovely.

    DIY is cool when and only when the person has something more than a clue and a safety pin/razor. This is one of those times.

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  8. I like the fact that the artist who will be doing that kind of work on people in the future has done it or at the very least had it done to themselves. They know what the sensations are, any pain, etc., so if their client asks a question or is in pain, they understand why and can help, rather than just being a robot cutting, tattooing, or piercing…

    I know I wouldn’t be tattooed or pierced by someone who didn’t have either…

  9. OH MY GOD!


    Please pass this message on and see if he remembers! I met him on a train in 2002! We stayed friends for a little while afterwards, I was the Irish goth who moved to London- he fell in love with a woman called Pamela in Canada, I remember he emailed me!

    Fucking hell! Pass on my love!


  10. andrew is my brother! how ye keeping ye little swine? andy type brandenburg gate into youtube, look for panzermatt. my video. and leave a comment.

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