Tattoos Fade?

Awww, crap. I paid all this money for tattoos that are going to fade away? Damn. Well, at least now I can have the slogan of the moment tattooed on my chest, and I can replace it with a new one every once in a while, right?

Tattoo: Big Joe and Son’s Tattoo in White Plains, NY.

18 thoughts on “Tattoos Fade?

  1. hey! i did my senior high school internship at that parlor! Tony taught me everything i know, i even gave my first tattoo there! god i love world/inferno, i think i’ve seen them more times then i have fingers and toes, great band

  2. No, tattoos blur. 60 years from now, it’ll be a nice big smudge and people will ask “What does that say?” Hee.

    Nah, I think it looks cool.

  3. def world inferno friendship society ref. esp/ if done at big joes for a westchester suburban kid. i dont know what else to say except that im amused and know plenty of people who have similar tattoos. it is an awful font though =[

  4. “OMGZ I ttly g0t a sw33t tat!”

    agree with 12 & 13. looks bleh. would have been better without the red. i’ll stop being a jerk now.

  5. HA just found this, so both me and my (now ex but still friends) GF made mod blog.

    Yes you were all correct it is a world/inferno friendship society tattoo. Almost all her ink is music related.

    Do note that picture lightens her skin up allot. She is ½ black ½ Hispanic, so detailed shading, and colors don’t show up too well on here. She is light skinned enough that black, and some color work ok on her.

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