53 thoughts on “Ouch, my eyes!!!!

  1. HOLY mother of god I think its just cos of how tired Iam but that pic looked liek it was moving!

    Very HOT design! I reallly reallly like it

  2. that is unbeleivable! a very powerfull tattoo and the placement is perfect. someday i will get something like that

  3. This tattoo hands down is the most creative and detailed design I have ever seen. The artist that did this tat should get as much props as he diserves.

  4. It doent look quite finished yet to me. I would love to see this go over the shoulder and down the arms just a little.

  5. That is… GORGEOUS. It’s by far, the best tattoo I’ve ever seen– it looks like three different designs in one (the background, flower, and circles).
    I really would want to see it continued further on the shoulders, though. Gorgeous.

  6. Agreed with many above comments – That is my favourite tattoo I’ve ever seen, and i’d get something very similar if I could afford it, and find an artist I trusted to do it.

  7. Amazing!

    And this has to be the first time I have read a comments section where they were all positive. And deservedly so 🙂

  8. This is just fucking inredible… An amazing piece and an enormously talented artist right here!

  9. Ho Lee Shite.

    That is amazing.

    Stunning. Breathtaking. Dizzying.

    Just amazing. I would be so proud to wear art like that and even more so if I were the artist.

  10. Are you fucking kidding me?!!
    I can’t even believe thats real…

    I’m sorry to go off, but I have so much respect for good tattoo artists. Maybe it is because I can’t even draw on papaer, but the idea that someone can do something like THAT with a heavy vibrating “pen” on someones SKIN….

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