Geisha Cartoon Tattoo

SuperSketch‘s Junko Mizuno geisha tattoo was done by Jason Ackerman at Lucky 7 Tattoos in West Palm Beach, Florida. I’m surprised I don’t seem more Junko Mizuno designs tattooed — they really translate well and are suited to the medium.

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25 thoughts on “Geisha Cartoon Tattoo

  1. It really looks lovely.
    I’m a big fan of Junko Mizuno, but I’m afraid all the details might appear too blurry after some years…

  2. Very very few tattoos are original, that doesn’t make their quality or imporantance any less.

    I agree with Ammoniak, it’s lovely.

  3. I think there’s at least one other of this geisha (but on a different person) on BME as well… I wonder if they’re all inspired by JM’s art, or if some of the tattoos are just inspired by the other tattoos without comprehension of the original artist?

  4. This guy’s work is the best new skool I’ve seen yet! VERY impressive. His Iam name is jaysinn. Jason – if you’re reading this, come to Ohio and tattoo me, please!

  5. After seeing at least two variations just on Miami Ink, I’m hesitant about using a distinct piece such as this as a tattoo design. I’ve got a Japanese “Tattoos for Girls” book somewhere that features several Mizuno pieces, they’re just not always credited to the original artist in N. America. This one has fabulous coloring!

  6. heck original or not she’s a cutie!
    and that’s good enough for me,
    just not on me… not my style.

  7. Sal, you’re right! I love the placement of the modblog logo. I prefer the tattoo that was linked by Veriki, but both are good.

  8. Gorgeous but I’ll always love the one Darren did on Miami Ink, I think it’s stunning

  9. I was just about to say, that looks awfully familiar. It is well done though.

    I’m curious to know who got theirs done first? I know the one on the show is based off the person’s modeling photos …. or at least that’s what my memory is telling me.

  10. I’ve got Junko tattoo too, it’s A-KO from Hell Babies, on my arm. Planning on turning it into a half sleeve. As Shannon said, her work translates into tattoos so well.

  11. I just love it! I want it!!!! its so mee….. but obviously its so…you….too…..hmm, too bad…

  12. I have this design tattooed on my leg in black and grey! I saw the artwork before I saw anyone with it tattooed on them. I realised straight away that it would translate well in to ink. Seeing it on other people didn’t put me off getting it as I care more about my own tastes than those of others.

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