Articulated Bald Eagle Backpiece

This tattoo — which must look great in person where you can see it move, and I think will age really nicely (because it’s heavy and simple) — was done by Vern (“The Mad Hatter”) at Backdoor Studio in Sacramento, California. I wish I could post a video of this tattoo in motion — if you have a big tattoo, I’d be thrilled if you could send us a video of how it moves on your body… You can send them to Roo at [email protected] (let him know it’s for ModBlog if you do).

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15 thoughts on “Articulated Bald Eagle Backpiece

  1. its fantastic and a great idea but it kinda feels like more attention was paid to the face/body/tail of the eagle than the wings, possibly just because they are so simple. Would have loved to see the wings more detailed or just a more simplified design overall.

  2. it almost looks to me like the wings are older, like they were by themselves before… then the body was added in later, maybe to cover up the ends of the wings or something…

  3. i like the placement but not the subject. bald eagles never were a big source of inspiration to me. i think a huge frickin’ bat would be sweet. someone do that.

  4. I agree. The body looks like a coverup, or at least an afterthought.

    And is it just me or is it a different color than the body?…The wings look very pure black while the body seems more purple-ish. It’s like the difference between black ink and a black ballpoint pen.

    I would prefer just wings…Cool concept, though.

    I agree with Shannon. Looks like it’ll age nicely.

  5. This would have been alot nicer looking if executed well, it almost looks like three different people did it,
    one doing the wings with really shaky line work and not enough detail
    the second doing the body and they did an ok job on it for it’s size
    and the third doing the tail and doing an amazing job on it.

    My girlfriend is an artist and she draws lots of birds so I know the amount of attention and detail it takes to get feathers to look true to life and I think whoever did the tail did a good job on it

  6. I doubt the concept could be done effectively without heavy abstraction.
    Using a realistic eagle just isn’t working.

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