Cat Ass Navel Tattoo!

Hahahaha! Ok, tattoos where the belly button serves as an ass or some other body opening are not uncommon, but this somewhat disturbing cat’s got to be one of the best quality ones I’ve seen. Welcome to internet fame!

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112 thoughts on “Cat Ass Navel Tattoo!

  1. This is hilarious!!

    cats DO have a disturbing thing with their asses!
    especially castrated ones(dont know why)!?!


  2. Ha, I was just looking at that one earlier today thinking “How is it possible this wasn’t featured on Modblog yet?”

  3. *nose wrinkle*

    it DOES look like a cat butt. but it sort of creeps me out. if i was that person’s sex partner, i would not want to touch their belly button because i would be creeped out.

  4. Am I the only one disturbed by the cat’s facial expression?


  5. Lol, now I really want to poke my finger into his bellybutton just so I could fuck his cat. (not that I’m into animal sex or anything creepy)

  6. This one just made my day. Makes me wish I still had a bellybutton just so I could do that.

  7. haha that is so classic!
    it’s hard to tell if the cat’s pissed off or if it’s totally wanting it
    but it does look a bit sleazy so i’m guessing the latter

  8. Hopefully his partner has a bestiality fetish.

    On that note, funny as hell.

  9. That’s not right… Dude has some balls though, I’ll say that much. Very creative too, and it definitely has, eh, “aesthetic force”.

  10. “Am I the only one disturbed by the cat’s facial expression?”

    it’s kinda like a ‘come to daddy’ look

  11. that actually makes me want to throw up. i think it’s the bit of depth in the belly button.

  12. Of course, being in the kind of (mod related) world we’re in today, I read “Navel Tattoo!” and thought, it doesn’t say anywhere that this guy’s in the Navy…

    Aside from that, I love the quality.

  13. Oh my gods! That is my friend’s cat, Pooh! Pooh the one eyed Pooh-Ni-CorN!!!!!!!! That dude has a tatto of the Pooh-Ni-CorN!!!!

  14. And the typo demons curse me with a missing o…….

    little bastards….

  15. The feet look weird to me.

    the navel/ass….eek. an otherwise normal navel turned thoroughly disgusting! I try to see the real thing (just the navel) but it’s impossible.

    Good job…I think…

  16. Looks like the cat is thinking

    “Meeoowww, finger my fat brown stink hole daddy”

  17. Kitty looks like he’s saying “Kiss my ass, moron”.

    Great work =^..^=

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  20. hehehehehehehehe
    i like it, but it kind of looks like the cat is missing a leg

  21. Oh God! LMAO! This is so awesome yet so disturbing. Funny to see the varied interpretations of the cat’s expression – I had the impression of “Lick THIS, bitch!” when I saw the face. It’s a great tattoo but I’m just so disturbed. I have a thing about animal butts, they just skeeve me out, thinking of all the exposed anus running around. Eeeewww. But this gave me a much-needed laugh – thanks Shannon!

  22. i dont see a forth leg. and the front leg dosnt look right and is comin out in the wrong place. but still crazy awesome

  23. My cat just seen this and now he wants a human vagina tattooed round his ass.

  24. I now have an insane urge to poke belly buttons. And I don’t really like them, or cat’s asses, either. And as a side note; don’t worry, Halo (#10), your scars more than make up for the lack of a belly button.

  25. Thank God, when I read the subject line I thought somebody had tattooed a cat.

  26. Like with most tattoos, the interesting thing is the person behind it; the motivations and how it is used. That sets it apart from just being a drawing or a picture. Now for this one, the picture is a nice joke, but what would be the motivation use. I cannot really imagine that the wearer uses it for his own purpose, sneeking towards a mirror and loving to see it or to poke his finger in. So it must be for showing and have fun with others… Getting a good laugh whenever he likes… Hey guys, look what I have got! Kinda funny and a bit dirty sort of humor. But interesting in its kind.

  27. Chaq, especialy if he takes to freaking girls (or whoever) out by playing with his navel during blow jobs.

  28. The natural discolouration around the guy’s navel makes it so much more gross – but in a fascinating way.

  29. Awesome! Marea and I aren’t the only two people in the world with cat-ass tattoos. And this one is on a much larger scale, hahaha.


  30. also, i could never, ever blow this guy.

    some huge cat’s asshole staring me in the face. wow.

    the tattoo is very well done though.

  31. the funny part is that the hair around the guys belly button gives the cats ass that “realistic” furry look and actual feel…

  32. Haha. I laughed so hard when I saw this…and then I showed it to the raccon reycle mascot guy who was confused (I go to college, weird things happen).

  33. I hate the way the cats ass looks all stained it makes me feel sick and reach for the wet wipe.

  34. I think it looks like the kitty needs to wipe better .. bizarre tattoo … wonder if he will regret it …

  35. i couldn’t ever sleep with him. Except doggy i suppose… (hehe see what i did there)

  36. lmao WOW. it kills me to know people tattoo stuff like this on their bodies. however, it’s funny because it’s not mine. XD

  37. This makes me laugh so much. I have a cat that is completely arse obessed so I guess that’s why I find it funny (his nickname is rectal for the simple fact that he sticks his bum in peoples faces at any opportunity he gets!)

    Is it just me or is the position a little low for a cats bum?

  38. eww it looks like he just got out of the litter box and still didn’t clean himself out. I think I’d end up tearing my navel out if I had to see this everyday

  39. Sigh….

    Some ideas should stay ideas. At least the person who owns this never needs to worry about being taken seriously or gaining any one’s respect.

  40. Amazing and frightening to look at all at once. Is that really a guy? Not convinced… looks almost like a pot bellied girl. OMG, no, no, please don’t post a full frontal to prove me wrong…NOOOOOOOO!

  41. now make sure that the tom cat doesn’t see that or else he’ll be in trouble

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  45. #23 its desert rats from pull and bear. #35 is Guru from evora portugal.#106 thanks i feel the same.#59 lol.
    its my tatoo, my original idea and a perfect adaptation from my good friends at TRIBAL FLAME TATOOS in EVORA/PORTUGAL

  46. I love the cats facial expression. He’s like “yeah, look at my asshole bitches”

  47. I thought until now that the only animal with an arsehole half way ups it body was a police horse!

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