"The things we do for beauty"

Pauly just had Howie (LunaCobra) increase the size of his forehead implant — which of course you can’t see at all right now because his face is so swollen from the abuse (note: this is not unusual)… Either that or Ken Shamrock started getting piercings and tattoos and decided to spend some more time with Tito in the octagon…

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61 thoughts on “"The things we do for beauty"

  1. haha i looked like that a month ago when i got jumped by 3 guys but there was alot more blood and broken cheekbones

  2. im still amazed at the size of the nostrles wat gauge is that? and props for gettin there

  3. awww he isnt looking as pretty as he usualy does. but im sure he will be back to beautiful in few days.

  4. Poor Pauly :)

    The puffy look is cutesome, but I can’t wait to see it when the swelling’s gone down.

  5. thats horrible! haha. he looks like he was awake for a good solid three weeks.

  6. this picture makes me so happy seeing the pride in him hes smiling even with a puffy face :D go pauly :D

  7. To me Pauly (who I only know through this site and his own site) seems to represent all the *right* reasons to get modded. He just seems to love doing it and is doing it only for himself, not as a statement or to impress others. I’m with everyone else: Go Pauly!

  8. The swelling actually makes his nostrils look smaller, which is quite a feat considering there size. He he.

  9. Wow, he looks pretty beaten up there, to the point that you can’t see any of his implants to be implants (rather, just swelling).

    Does anyone know if this is from the physical trauma of having the implant increased in size, or it’s the body’s reaction to having a foreign object taken out and then put back in? (ie. a lymph-type chemical response)

  10. i hate seeing pauly. he’s ugly and a total douche. i wish i could just throw him in the garbage.

  11. Awww, Pauly, you just need some tea and sympathy until that swelling goes down!
    *makes a cup of tea*

    (Can’t wait to see the implant when things settle down.)

  12. oh my gosh poor pauly!! i mean he looks sort of adorable like a squinty 4 week old kitten, but still that must be SO uncomfortable…

  13. Puffy sucks. I’ve had minor facial surgery and my eyes looked just like that. Not a cute look in my opinion, luckily swelling is temporary!

  14. He does look like he got mobbed by a haggle of people, while I’m not a member of the fan club I do realize that he gets all of the attention he does because he has taken modification (especially the face) to a level not documented on here or anywhere else that I’ve seen, I mean how many people can claim to have the largest stretched nostrils in the western hemisphere? And aside from the nostrils (they seem to get the most attention, which is a shame in my book) he has very large very healthy looking lobes, his flats are stretched beyond anyone elses I’ve seen, and he seems like he is a very nice guy. I hope we would get along if I ever met him and atleast have some common ground to share…I’m not edge or vegan…so to all the nay sayers, your cup is half empty bitches!

  15. this looks stupid am sure he would have saved a lot of money and pain if he got his m8s to kick shit out him would have the same effect

  16. “yeah i am sure my friends kicking me in the face would put silicone domes in my forehead too

    you make alot of sense wow ”
    ahahhaa, genius

  17. i’m not interested in internet beef with someone who isn’t worth a second of my time but just know i’d never be jealous of someone as hideous as you.

  18. aw that looks really uncomfortable hope the swelling goes down soon. i would love to see a picture when the swelling is down and you can see the implant :)

  19. Wow. Both of you are equally as lame.
    Intrawebz fighting ja?!
    How do you know who wins?!

  20. Ya know, Pauly demonstrates what body modification is all about: creating our own bodies in the image of what we find beautiful (or cool :P). And so when people decide, in all lameness, to disrespect another human being over the internet over THEIR personal choices, it’s not fucking cool. What gives you the right to do so, 26, 30, and 41? It’s his life, his face, and his choice, so bugger off.

  21. I don’t understand WHY someone would want implants on their face!! It’s totally ugly. No offence.

  22. Saw that picture. Have been gay bashed in similar way. Fuck that. Its a shame when people can’t work why other people are braver and more interesting than them and can only respond with hate.

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