I know which aunt is the black sheep…

Judging by the expression on Christen‘s nephew’s face and his plethora of temporary tattoos, I think she’ll either be a really great influence or a really terrible influence, depending on what her family’s general attitude about tattoos is!

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38 thoughts on “I know which aunt is the black sheep…

  1. That quite possibly may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    He is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!

  2. i came home with my first tattoo six months ago. my four year old sister has been drawing “tattoos” all over her self ever since.

  3. bets start now, how long will it be till he shows up on modblog now with actually tattoos next time. hahahah. i love how his smile is so large while being covered with those images.

  4. Modblogged for my birthday! Yay!

    he LOVES tattoos… everytime I come home with something else he has to stare at it for a while. One time with I just had an outline he wanted to “tattoo me” and fill it all in with markers.

    He’s amazing… it took at least a couple hours to put them on, and while he’s normally super active he sat perfectly still while I put them on, with a huge smile on his face.

  5. Haha, that’s hardcore! 5-6 years (?) and he already has full sleves and several chestpieces :D

  6. omg cuties! (yes i mean both of them) i cant wait till my nephews are old enough to do stuff like that with me :)

  7. where do you get temporary tattoos like that?!??! all i can find are ones with glitter in them that say “baby phat”

  8. Very cute, but those are going to be one hell of a bitch to get off. He’s gonna have some raw skin after the scrubbin’, even with oils and what nots.

  9. that is SO my cousin Erin! When we bought temporary tattoos at the dollar store, she ended up COVERED in them! It was so cute. She had a placement for every one also! Adorable picture!

  10. I love the pictures that Shannon posts of the kids playing with piercings and tattoos. I think the toy versions are a great way to help teach kids that body mods are an ok thing. Hell I think if more teens/young adults were to use them for awhile to test out a new mod they think they have to have maybe their wouldn’t be so many people out their with mods they regret.

  11. You know I’m amazed at how good the placement of those tattoos are… they actually look like they’re supposed to be there hahaha.

    My friend is staring at the picture and he says that the kid is probably going to get those on him for real when he gets older. Either way, it’s freaking adorable.

  12. AWW. I know this kid that always shows me her newest temporary tat by way of a greeting, it’s so sweet!

  13. I’ve TOTALLY done that to my little sister. Should’ve sent in pictures. How cuuute~!

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