49 thoughts on “Incredible Chameleon Tattoo

  1. i love how tattoos like this leave people almost speachless, only able to string together a few words of awe

    the piece definitely speaks for itself

    fucking awesome!

  2. 6 hours?!?! i need to show my tattooist that! maybe that would kick his arse into gear.

  3. that would take a long time and is just the most amaizng artwork i have seen in a long while… the detail is phenominal

  4. I was wondering when this would make modblog. Congrats to miss douchebag :P. Having two artists working on you at the same time and then come out with that is just..breath taking :]

  5. “”6 hours? Amazing, I would have guessed double that.””

    “”6 hours?!?! i need to show my tattooist that! maybe that would kick his arse into gear.””

    HAHA…..two artists at the same time……that equals about 12 hours…..duh….haha

    Dems my boys…….and they put it in right the first time, so no worry about colors not holding up…..

  6. holy cow! haha… I didn’t even know that this was up on modblog!

    Yeah, like Max said, 2 artists at the same time, so about 12 hours worth of work in half the time. 😉

    The best tattoo I have so far, deffinitely. Jeff and Tim are awesome.

  7. Where’d my comment go? 🙁

    The tattoo is amazing, and I also had a useless fact to share: chameleons like to think that their camouflage is perfect. If people stare at one for too long, rather than pretending not to see it, it goes into a deep decline.

  8. wow, that’s awesome, both the tattoo and number 27′s comment. so if i stare at my friend chris’s chameleon karma, will he get lizard-style depressed?

  9. dudes..so awesome..I love how you can almost feel the wrinkley reptile skin!! ya’s rock..yes ya do!!!

  10. this was a collab by tim and i. we are offering a collaboration special until june 15th
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    -the regular hourly rate for the two of us working at the same time is $300/hr
    but if booked by june 15th the rate is 250/hr with a 4 hour minimum
    -the appointment requires a 200 dollar deposit mailed to the shop signed to tim pangburn or jeff paetzold. just make sure the envelope has one of our names on it,also make sure that you let us know what you want and leave us detailed contact info. (if we recieve your deposit after the 15th but you call us before and let us know its on the way we will let ya slide)
    this is a great deal! it is a guaranteed savings of 200 dollars @ 4 hours and the longer you sit the more you save!
    if you have any questions just hit me up on myspace
    thanks for reading

  11. absolutely stunning.having kept Panther (the species of chameleon) myself i have to say the artists have captured the textures and Very essence of the creature perfectly

  12. In the process of getting my chameleon, this was one of the inspiration to mine. I fell in love with this piece of work tho. Next step for me is color!

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