Healed Rib Tibettan Skull Cutting

I have mostly posted fresh fine-line cutting work. Here’s a great example of a well healed piece, done by John Lopez at Slave to the Needle in Seattle, WA. There are older pictures in the BME galleries and on his IAM page.

PS. My schedule opens up big-time later this week, so we should be back to our regular post orgy soon. I know it’s been a bit sporadic lately.

21 thoughts on “Healed Rib Tibettan Skull Cutting

  1. wow! i dont like heavy scarring but this looks so natural and elegant..impressing!

  2. hey if anyone can help, im looking at getting a nice tattoo black work scar/cutting (either) piece done, any recomendations of similar ideas on this site? cheers for al and any replys.

  3. Very Nice, reminds me of Dia de los Muertos skulls in Mexico. La Catrina anyone?

  4. Thank you all for the nice words. It was a fun cutting to do! Definitely my favorite so far.

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