18 thoughts on “Scarification Kyoto Style

  1. Bin is a great guy. He came to hang out with me and Wayde when we were in Tokyo. He does some really cool stuff with ink rubbing. We’re trying to get him to the States for Scar Wars sometime.

  2. Wayde told me about this guy. He wasnt lieing . His work is super clean. great designs as well. cant wait to see more and meet him myself!

  3. i´m not into scarification at all, but these are wonderful. they seem so clean cut and the motives are beautiful. great!

  4. much as I love the look of scarification, I don’t think I could have it done on my own body. I particularly love the second piece!

  5. Thats rad to finally see some of Bin’s work getting recognition.. as Ryan said, he really impressed both of us while we were in Japan.. we instantly agreed that he needed to come to scarwars… Hopefully he makes it. Last i heard, he was coming.. so if anyone is interested in getting some work done by him.. let me know and ill pass on the info to Bin.

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