Glam Metal Portraiture Tattoos

Motley Crue tattoo by Fenton Gilbert at Underground Ink in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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29 thoughts on “Glam Metal Portraiture Tattoos

  1. This is really really great. I’m not a great fan of band-tattoos… but the detail in this piece is absolutely amazing.

  2. Fenton is awesome, he did an Alice Cooper tattoo on my husband which is absolutely amazing!!

  3. Uhm… why? I mean it’s nicely executed, but dude… that’s Motley Crue. Weird.

  4. To #2, I’m going to guess it’s because they like Motley Crue and don’t have some sort of uber-scene “I’m too cool for ’80s metal” thing going on.

    Really great work in this piece.

  5. #3, i feel you. and i am woman enough to admit my love of all things hair metal. how can you not dig it?

    so, of course, for me, this tattoo is a fine example of awesomeness.

  6. Love it. I’m actually a big fan of the Crue, this piece has some nice detail. Mick Mars especially looks fantastic.

  7. Aah that’s amazing! For 1) Motley Crue fucking rock and for 2) This tattoo looks the best and the detail in it looks brilliant ^^;

  8. and on a similar note – has anyone seen jani lane lately?

    wow. seriously. i used to love him and think him hot stuff, what, with his lace up crotch skin tight leather pants and all… but now he just looks like philip seymour hoffman. not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just weird.

    my girlie boner for cherry pie era jani is totally killed.

  9. So, where’s Tommy?

    I love this. Mötley Crüe is one of my all-time favourite bands, and SATD-era had the best look.

  10. Now I’m not so keen on Motley Crue, and portrait tattoos frankly scare me (though this one’s brilliantly executed). But if anyone wants to join me in slaughtering small scene kids who think they’re “too cool” for a genre of music, then I’d say battle metal is a more useful genre.

  11. i seriously wish hair metal style would come back….loved everything about it—-still do!

  12. Hey all,

    Glad everyone likes that tattoo. Tommy isn’t finished yet but will be soon. I probably have another 3 sittings to go. Nikki Sixx saw the tattoo in Minneapolis and freaked out. He was shocked with the detail. Best thing about it all was the tattoo artist (Fenton) was there right beside me. He and Nikki talked for bit. GREAT DAY.


  13. Great tattoos, this shop was closed temporarily by the Health Unit here in Thunder Bay, but is open again…..Too bad tho it’s hard to shake a rep like that.

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