The BME Scene Points Scavenger Hunt

This is the first ever BME Scene Points Scavenger Hunt Game!


The point of the game is to collect/earn as many punches on your scene point punch card.

The game starts when BME fest starts! the game ends when someone brings me a fully punched and initialed scene point punch card*.

When you arrive at BMEfest find me and ask for a card you will be given a punch card and asked to initial the back agreeing to the games rules. There will be 20 people well known to the community for the day will be known as givers of IAM/BME scene points. You are off to figure out who is giving out scene points and start collecting.

The card will contain 20 spots with a visual clue as to the scene point givers identity’s and perhaps how you will have to earn your scene point. some will clearly be easy and some will require a little thinking.

Once discovered a scene point giver may not deny they have the ability to give out scene points but they can refuse to give you a scene point unless you agree to their ridiculous or simple request. players have the ability to negotiate with scene point givers until both parties agree to what will earn a scene point punch. You can never be out right refused a scene point but you might have to work and negotaite for it a little. You are not allowed and will not be required to do anything against you own will or anything illegal the scene point givers will have a strict code of ethics to follow. Remember, as on IAM things like lots of mods, suspension scars and having a huge collection of Event shirts will always get you scene points but so will being known as the person who did something really awesome to entertain others at any event.

People who want to play should sign up so i have a vague idea of how many punch cards to make. if you are one of the 20 people that is picked to be a scene point giver you will be invited and never tell anyone! this is an even more secret club then skull and bonesmen. Please, don’t message me demanding to be a scene point giver cause your ears are bigger then everyone else’s… i don’t care… seriosly do you know who i am? The IAM Royalty forum is hosting this event and the people in that forum are the ones that will choose the scene point givers. if you are invited you will be sent a copy of the rules and conditions of this very prestigious honor you will have to very strictly follow.

There is a prize bag of goodies for the winner as well as forever being known as the the first person ever with a recored 20 scene points earned at just one BME BBQ. The contents of the bag will be released to the RSVP list one week before the event. i am currently looking for people help fill that bag with more goodies. contact me with what you have to offer.

-Lets all have fun with this!-

*In the event that no one completes the challenge by the time i have to leave to set up ModProm II the winner with the most punches will be declared.

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