Event FAQs!

BMEfest FAQ!

Do I have to buy a ticket to BMEfest?

No, the gathering in High Park this year is free. ModProm II – the formal dinner/party to follow is not, you must have purchased a ticket to ModProm II.

What time does BMEfest start/wrap-up?

BMEfest will begin in High Park at 10:00am and will wrap-up by 3:00pm.

Where is BMEfest?

BMEfest is located in High Park, Toronto, Canada. Take the TTC Subway to High Park Station and walk across Bloor Street to enter the park. For those of you driving, High Park is located between Bloor Street & The Queensway, just west of Keele Street. The main entrance is located at Bloor & High Park Avenue.

(Click here for a map of the park (PDF). The party will be located in Picnic Area #8, which is located between the Grenadier Café and the sports fields.)

When you enter the park follow either the West Road or Colbourne Lodge Road until you reach the Grenadier Restaurant (there is some parking at the restaurant), and then walk behind the restaurant over “Hawk Hill” until you reach the picnic area. Alternatively you can follow the West Road into the park and cut through the sports fields (there is a path that follows them around) straight through until you reach the picnic area.

Will there be parking available?

There is parking in the park, however you should arrive early if you’re driving because parking will be in high demand for Canada Day.

How do I get a BMEfest Event Shirt?

Because of the park permit rules we’re not allowed to have any type of open-air market set up. But if you want a BMEfest event shirt, speak to Ryan at the event. He may just have a few in his car!

Will there be suspensions at BMEfest?

NO! For two reasons:

1: It gives the Toronto Parks & Recreation a reason to come and hassle us.

2: Attaching anything (including a person) to a tree is a violation of the permit we have been issued and could result in both personal fines for the event organizer and termination of the event.

What should I bring?

Bring: Sunblock, water & food (we will be providing some refreshments), money for snacks & other sundries. It’s a picnic – prepare for that: Blankets, et cetera..

Will there be alcohol at the event?

Alcohol is NOT permitted in the park. If you feel the need to drink there is a restaurant nearby. As per the conditions of the permit, obnoxious alcohol consumption will result in the termination of the event by park authorities.

What if I’m too shy to play the Scene Points Game?

The “Scene Points Game” is designed to be a humourous social experiment only, a way to meet people, NOT a hazing ritual. Everyone is encouraged to play. There are some great prizes and you might just make a new friend or two!

ModProm FAQ!

Where is ModProm?

ModProm will be held at the Academy of Spherical Arts, located at 1 Snooker Street, Toronto (also known as Hanna Avenue). The closest major intersection is King & Dufferin. Click here for a map & directions.

What do I get with my ticket?

The t-shirt you’ve already received, dinner, entertainment, a drink ticket (check out the customized Martini list!)

Will there be Coat Check?


Will tips be expected for Coat Check/Bartender/Servers?

It is always nice to tip those who help you out.

When is ModProm?

Doors open at 7pm, Dinner will be served at 7:30. Entertainment & Billiards Tournament begins at 8pm. Things will wrap up at 2am.

What if I didn’t buy a ticket in advance?

There will be no entry for those without tickets, and no tickets can be bought at the door.

Is there parking at the Academy?

There are two parking lots nearby, and a Green P lot just around the corner.

How many people will be at ModProm?

Over 100 of your closest IAM friends!

When will E-tickets be sent out?

We are still working on the logistics of the E-tickets, but don’t fret, if you’ve bought a ticket your name will be on a paid list.

If someone bought your ticket for you, pease try to arrive with that person..

If there are other circumstances, or for some other reason you have other concerns – bring a printout of your BMEshop order & confirmation.

I have special dietary requirements (vegan/vegetarian/heavy meat eater), have I been considered?

Yes, you can find the full menu here – Please advise the chef at each food station of any requirements and/or allergies and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Will there be someone taking photos at ModProm?

YesLane Jensen will be taking photos.

I can’t go to ModProm this year/ I didn’t buy my ticket – what can I do instead?

Shakespeare in the Park (PDF) is happening that night in High Park, or check out Toronto.com or NowMagazine.com for other event listings in the city.

Thursday Update.


Great news! Event planning is steamrolling along and I guarantee this will be a week you will all remember! We just launched www.BMEfest.com as the main hub for updates regarding the week of events. Event updates are expected daily or as anything new develops and will have information about the city of Toronto and things to do outside of the planned events. If you have questions or ideas please email me ([email protected]).

Here are some short details you should take note of..

My Art Opening: Shameless self promotion! I have an art opening of my fine art suspension portraits. The show originally debuted at the 2005 contact photography festival in Toronto and has been in hibernation since, so we brought it back for you all to see. The opening party is on June 22/07 at BlackLine studios on King Street West and the show will remain up until the end of July so please go check it out. Just look for a huge canvas print of Allen Falkner on hooks in the window of the shop. Also check out www.philipbarbosa.com for a preview of the show.

BMEfest in the park: Those of you who remember last years BMEfest day at the park may remember where it was, High Park. Last year the event proved to be a nice low-key family oriented day and a successful warm up to the after party. We chose to host the early party there again this year because its a lovely location and with the subway so close, the convenience can’t be beat! I will hit the park this week to take some photos of the area and work out a map from the parks front entrance. If you can I would leave your car at the hotel since there’s parking there, though there is tons it’s usually packed from about 10am onwards.

You should bring sunscreen, bottled water, some cash to buy food and a BMEfest t-shirt. BME will be buying a quantity of fresh fruit and bottled water for all the guests to partake in. We do ask that you not litter the park!

Although this is all free to you there will be an honor system bucket you can toss the change from your pockets in to help cover the costs of catering the event.

ModProm II: This is gonna be one killer party! Taking place at the Academy of Spherical Arts in Toronto. The Academy is accessible by streetcar (trolley off king street) or likely a $10 cab ride from most hotels in the city. The venue is nestled in the heart of Liberty Village and if you can’t tell by the name it’s a Snooker Club. We have a great evening planned of dinner, dancing and unique entertainment as well as some awesome door prizes and a parting gift from your friends at BME. Hurry up and get your tickets before the event sells out! For those of you who have received your shirts, your E-tickets will be emailed to you in a few days.

Suspension School: The class is full and we have a great group of people! Now we need suspendees who want to be test subjects for the students. The cost of your participation is $25 CAD, this covers all the catering and supplies we use for you as well as a little aftercare kit you will leave with. If you think you want to suspend while you are in Toronto, June 30th is it! If you are interested email/send me a message over IAM and I will reply with the application information. There are no guarantees you will be selected since time will definitely not be on our side and we are looking for people with different levels of suspension experience.

Scene Points Scavenger Hunt: Some of you have expressed mild offense to this event. Allow me to make it clear that this is not meant to be a hazing ritual just a humorous social experiment born out of an IAM-wide joke. Taking place at BMEfest in the park the game gets people to socialize and recognize those that have given gallons of their own blood sweat and tears to make this community a better place for us all. The winner gets a big bag of prizes from a great group of sponsors.

Naked Wars Invades Hanlan’s Point: Naked Wars recently gained widespread popularity at the APP conference in Las Vegas. This event gets attendees to visit the lovely Toronto Islands, lose their inhibitions and challenge each others creativity covering their unmentionables with unique props all in the name of the fine art of the one-up. The Event will start at the Weston Harbor Castle Hotel and move as a group to the Toronto Ferry Docks and finally to the picturesque Hanlan’s Point – Clothing Optional Beach. The goal is to get as many not so naked IAMers to have their photo taken with the Toronto skyline in the background (that includes the worlds tallest phallic structure the CN Tower). It is also meant to be a nice warm up and a few hours to spend unwinding while working on a full body tan.

The IAM Hungover Brunch and Wrap Party: This is still in the planning stages and will happen on Monday (the day after ModProm II). So far I am considering hosting this event at the Golden Griddle (think waffle house or TGI Friday’s) on Front Street since it has a huge seating capacity and a brunch buffet. I will post this as an event as soon as I can research the logistics a little more.

For more details about all these events you can check here (obviously) or the BME Events page.

The BME Scene Points Scavenger Hunt

This is the first ever BME Scene Points Scavenger Hunt Game!


The point of the game is to collect/earn as many punches on your scene point punch card.

The game starts when BME fest starts! the game ends when someone brings me a fully punched and initialed scene point punch card*.

When you arrive at BMEfest find me and ask for a card you will be given a punch card and asked to initial the back agreeing to the games rules. There will be 20 people well known to the community for the day will be known as givers of IAM/BME scene points. You are off to figure out who is giving out scene points and start collecting.

The card will contain 20 spots with a visual clue as to the scene point givers identity’s and perhaps how you will have to earn your scene point. some will clearly be easy and some will require a little thinking.

Once discovered a scene point giver may not deny they have the ability to give out scene points but they can refuse to give you a scene point unless you agree to their ridiculous or simple request. players have the ability to negotiate with scene point givers until both parties agree to what will earn a scene point punch. You can never be out right refused a scene point but you might have to work and negotaite for it a little. You are not allowed and will not be required to do anything against you own will or anything illegal the scene point givers will have a strict code of ethics to follow. Remember, as on IAM things like lots of mods, suspension scars and having a huge collection of Event shirts will always get you scene points but so will being known as the person who did something really awesome to entertain others at any event.

People who want to play should sign up so i have a vague idea of how many punch cards to make. if you are one of the 20 people that is picked to be a scene point giver you will be invited and never tell anyone! this is an even more secret club then skull and bonesmen. Please, don’t message me demanding to be a scene point giver cause your ears are bigger then everyone else’s… i don’t care… seriosly do you know who i am? The IAM Royalty forum is hosting this event and the people in that forum are the ones that will choose the scene point givers. if you are invited you will be sent a copy of the rules and conditions of this very prestigious honor you will have to very strictly follow.

There is a prize bag of goodies for the winner as well as forever being known as the the first person ever with a recored 20 scene points earned at just one BME BBQ. The contents of the bag will be released to the RSVP list one week before the event. i am currently looking for people help fill that bag with more goodies. contact me with what you have to offer.

-Lets all have fun with this!-

*In the event that no one completes the challenge by the time i have to leave to set up ModProm II the winner with the most punches will be declared.