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Since the last one was so risk-oriented, I thought it was about time to post a series of interviews talking about what it “feels like” to have magnetic implants on a day-to-day basis. Click through for the article, and come back to comment or share your stories.


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80 thoughts on “Magnetic Implants Article Posted

  1. That artical couldn’t be times any better. I was trying to explain to my Dad yesterday how the magnetic implants give an extra sence so to speek, but he didn’t understand, and I couldn’t explain very well.
    Very interesting, thanks :)

  2. as will i. i’m curious about the Titanium encasing though. i was thinking implant grade surgical steel as that has never had any issues with reacting to magnets or metal detectors so i’m curious if the titanium would be working the same.

  3. 2 things…

    1. Why isn’t the article signed?

    B. Wouldn’t saying people with magnetic implants have “magnetic vision” be like saying that the rest of us have “heat vision” in that we can feel changes in temperature as they can feel electrical forces?

  4. Aren’t Coke cans aluminum? I didn’t think aluminum attracted magnets. Or could the can be conducting somethings else?
    Pardon, I am a dummy with this stuff…

  5. Nice timing on this article. Did an artwork (‘music’ made from recorded feedback/electromagnetic interference in speakers etc) this semester which was inspired by the first time i heard ’bout these implants. Just today I’m doing more research to fill out my notes about that project before i hand in tomorrow, and here comes yet another article about it. Joy!

  6. I love the idea of adding a new sense! I really hope the casing technology gets figured out, because I really really want this. Like… an implant in each finger tip.

    Has anyone ruined any equipment with these? (i.e. audio tapes, television screens et al?)

  7. Ti encasement sounds rather interesting; can we get a follow-up article on this?

    I had a thought while reading the repeated references to ‘spinning’ of the magnets:

    place a magnet within a Ti sphere, allowing it to move freely inside the sphere…perhaps more appropriate if the magnet is also spherical. a small amount of lubricant (grease or oil) would allow the movement to be more…’fluid’.

    it would be a tricky implant to make but possibly rather interesting to have in your body.

    who wants to make a 10mm version so I can add one to my row of beads? ;)


  8. DETN8R, Don’t give details… just perfect it and then sell it! Hurry, I want perma-magnetizm!

  9. how long has the titanium magnet been in for?? and what about making the magnets flat and with holes in them like the microdermals, woudl that help with rejection issues??

    i want one so freakin bad!!!!!!!!

  10. I have tons of Ideas for implementing magnets into the human body. And tons of magnets to experiment with. I’ve had my titanium magnet in since January 2007.

  11. Awesome article…

    On a strange note, I can usually feel EM and Electric Currents without the need for any magnets.
    Would probably intensify through that sort of implant.

    I bet you guys could restart my laptop with your magnets! I have a magnetic hematite bracelette that does it sometimes. Hehe.

    I really like how this story wasn’t just about ONE person and their implants, but about a larger percentage the magnet endowed modified community.

    Great work.

  12. I’d live to get a set of magnetic implants even at the experimental stage there at now. Is there anyone in Toronto who would do them?

  13. I’ve had my second attempt at magnetic implants in for a few months now (it will need to be removed very soon, as there is some discoloration that wasn’t there before) and up until the discoloration, I’ve had no problems with it. I would sometimes get a buzzing near electrical outlets and especially light sockets. That was the most sensitive I’ve been able to get, but I feel the pulling near metal. A better sensation is felt with AC current, though, as the magnet vibrates more due to the rapid changes in polarity.

    To addyak, my implants were self done with magnets from magnetic earrings, and they specifically stated on the package that pacemaker patients should not use such earrings.

    To J-Knuckles, I’ve waved my hand in front of both my TV and PC screens, with no ill effects on them. I even rested my hand on it and I don’t notice anything different like you would get with a bigger magnet.

  14. I wonder if there would be any difference in sensation between the silicon and titanium dipped magnets. And if the titanium would reject like the silicon seems to eventually do. hmm.

  15. So far that I am aware of, all of the injection coated silicone magnets that I have installed(the oldest one being almost 2 1/2 years now) have had a 100 percent success rate. The injection coated silicone is significantly stronger than the dipped silicone implants and the silicone provides a bit of cushioning that harder coatings cannot provide making day-to-day life with the implant in the finger more comfortable. I have installed quite a few of these and still offer this service as well as making the injection coated magnets available to various practitioners who understand the appropriate method of placement. Interesting side note, a good friend of mine with one of these magnets had an MRI performed on him and they placed his hand in a “shield” so that his magnetic implant would not be affected by the MRI or vice versa.

  16. awfully brave to try something without knowing the actual consequences. many thanks from the mod community!

  17. Do any of you guys know of anyone in The Land of Oz who do magnetic implants? I’m seriously interested in becoming a guinea pig, so to speak….. if there is anyone out there my email is [email protected] would love to hear from you……

  18. I’ll have to say, beeing a guinea pig ain’T the best idea. Since if the artist has never implanted a magnet before, there is a lot of chances that the technique and procedures used are not polished… and in my case the few corrections that were made on the procedure made the diffrence between rejection and successful healing.

  19. in response to #29… Yeah its not safe to be guinea pig but in some way or anopther we were all a guinea pig at some stage…. Someones gota do it? How else to learn? the hundred or so people who have it at the moment are all guinea pigs…. who knows maybe the artist i use will perfect a technique?

  20. i work in electrical. at a construction sight and there have been a few close calls with wires and we were told that the wires wernt running hot and they were or there were no problems with them and they had a gash or chunk missing. i was wondering what the implants would do in such a situation? when a 220 volt cord is running live about an inch next to your hand im guessing the sensation would be unreal. if any of have had an experiance like that i would love to know hear about it.

  21. There’s nothing wrong with being a “guinea pig” as long as you understand the risks and what you’re getting yourself involved with.

  22. Im skeptical of what some of these people are saying, #7, I thought exactly the same thing, coke cans are aluminum which is not magnetic and wouldnt attract the finger, and i find it VERY hard to believe that you could spot an “irregularity” in a certain computer board and know to replace it… obviously there is some fact here and i dont doubt that electrical fields are more noticeable but you can feel electrical currents outside cables without and magnets in your fingers if they are carrying enough voltage and its not unexpected that the magnet would increse that.. i think a lot of these claims are from a placebo effect..

  23. Re: the coke can

    I’ve been trying to feel for it since reading that comment, and my take on it is that it’s an illusion. Because of the magnet, one becomes ultra-sensitized to vibration in general, and an opened soda can vibrates slightly because of the CO2 release. The feeling is very similar, and *PERSONALLY* I think that it’s an illusion.

  24. Cant say I’ve ever felt a can before. I knew the risks when I went through with this procedure as well. This is the weirdest thing I have or possibly ever done and I am severely happy with it. Although I know one day I will have it removed. I too am interested in MRI Shield. Any more info on that?

  25. I would also like to know more about the MRI shield. I’m studying medicine, and I know that eventually I’ll have to come into close contact with an MRI machine.

  26. My friend Mitch is the one who had to have the MRI, I will have him post on here about his experience. Although aluminum is nonferrous and therefore cannot attract magnets it does have the ability to create “magnetic dampening”. If you take a magnetic sphere and roll it across a large piece of aluminum that has been set at 20 to 30 degrees the magnetic ball will literally speed up and slowdown through the process of moving from the top to bottom. It is a very fascinating phenomenon to experience/feel/see. I’m very pleased to see positive information coming out on this modification, out of all the modifications I’ve done to myself my magnets are by far my favorite. Everyday when I hold CooKies hand I get the pleasant surprise that she has two magnets as well. I have an x-ray of my right hand showing both magnetic implants and the implant on the back of my wrist, I will post it on my web page soon.

  27. Is anyone considerting PVD or Gold platings? I have absolutely no knowlege of how coating magnets can be done…but I’m curious.

  28. I suppose it’s not mainstream enough, but what I want to know is how much this stuff costs. Ever since I heard about magnetic implants I’ve been dying to get them, but I want to wait until, say, titanium casing is more widespread or until silicon casing is perfected. Unfortunatly, I can’t find any sites that give details on the cost, ect.

    Also, does is there anyone in the Northwest who does stuff like this? Could you bring the magnets to a doctor and have him implant them?

  29. What about using Tygon or PFT for a casing? They are a lot more sturdy than silicone dips and you can get more even coverage on the implant. Perhaps the pellets they implant into pets for the electronic ID could also be used.

  30. It actually didnt cost much for the materials, titanium and magnets. Magnets are WAY CHEAP and I now have a ton of them. Basically I would encourage those with the resources to create this stuff to try new things like Tygon and PTFE. I considered using tygon tubing with PLUGs in the ends but decided against that.

  31. Tygon isn’t stable enough…it tends to get brittle over time.

    I’d really like to know if anyone has tried gold yet. It would seem that 18k would work wonderfully.

    I’d also like to know if anyone has tried PVD yet…whether it can be used on magnets or not?

  32. Yes its been tried. Look a couple pages back on mod blog and you can see the removal of a gold plated magnet

  33. i would like to know the progress on fred’s titanium coated implant. did it have the same problem as the others?

  34. I have no magnetic implant, so my somewhat ignorant opinion, is that a lot of “magnetic vision” is imagined or psychosematic. But then, so are a lot of senses.

    That being said, I think I want one.

  35. Interesting interview with loads of cool facts. I didn’t know half as much about the implats before I read it, and now i crave one myself. Thanx a bunch!

  36. Anyone can feel EM radiation. Like most perceptual skills, it can be learned. Start with something with a lot of radiation, like a like a building tranformer. Like the interviewee said, EMR feels like a light breeze. Stand a little ways away from the transformer. Move close. If you can’t feel it, stand a little farther away. Move close. If you still can’t feel it, get a magnet. Hold the magnet in your hand. Stand a little farther away. Move close. If you can’t feel it, find a bigger transformer. Stand a little farther away. Move close. Keep it up. You will learn how to do it.

  37. mmmm… Wont the titanium casing work as a Faraday cage ( thus preventing interaction of the magnet with the exterior except when put into strong magnetic/electric fields (as it happened when he was near that big transformer)???????

    could someone with a better understanding of physics than mine help to clarify this?

  38. #51, I have had it in for about 5 months now. I’m in Colorado.

    Cant really comment on the faraday cage thing. I’ll look into a bit more.

  39. #54, I think that a Faraday cage requires that the metal be conductive. Ti has a real low conductivity (Thank you Wikipedia!!) so maybe it doesn’t make an effective cage.

  40. Hmmm…. I’m late to the party on this one. A couple of days ago I thought of an idea for magnet implants you may want/need to take out later. Go for a surface piercing or dermal anchor, and wait ’til it heals completely. Then replace that which is below the surface of the skin with a magnetised metal piece exactly like the first. It won’t work where one of the above won’t, and I’m not entirely sure it would work in the first place, but if you wanna try it, feel free.
    /Decently read modvirgin, so I may have no idea what I’m talking about.
    //No seriously, grab the saltshaker.
    ///Do healed-in ear piercings and elevenish blood donations (ritual play piercing + mild blood play + tiny scars…) make for a non-modvirgin?

  41. #23 I would like to know what was used for the “shield” just in case I ever need to have a MRI

  42. Soda cans are made by a lot of different metals, not just aluminium, as previously stated.

    In fact, the top, bottom, sides and opener are all made of different mixes to suit each different purpose.

  43. This is a qoute from an article posted in the magnetic scientific daily juornal”Currently there is a fad that has people placing magnetic implant devices under there skin and imbedded in other such type area’s.After a poll of one man at the park we found this to be stemming from what we have termed Magneetoe; wann-A..b’s If u happen to C these people plz report them to the mutant reform center .where u will be rewarded with a salty bag of DeeeeZZZ NutZZZ >

  44. Hey, just to say i LOVE these implants!
    Are they availiable to buy? As it does say they’re for sale on eBay, but I can’t find them there!
    A little help anyone?

  45. You can achieve many of these sensation through practicing grounding(awareness) meditation. Cetainly not to the same degree unless your really gifted but I can easily feel the vibrations from microwaves if I concentrate hard enough. Speakers… computers. I can see the eg aura around electronics and especilly the high voltage metro train tracks.- Ive always been able to see auras aroud people and of course if I try hard enough and my hands are only a few inces away from them I can feel there aura(energy field) as well. I have friends and have talked to alot of other people that can see and feel thes things as well so im siprised no one else has said anything…

  46. If anyone is still checking these comments head on over to my iam page to discuss magnetic implants. I’m willing to offer advice and answer questions.

  47. Can anyone point me to further info on these titanium coated implants? I’m very interested in this..

  48. Same guy from just above:

    Mainly aimed at Fred:

    If I don’t know of anyone near me (I’m in asia) who is a professional in this field, would it be possible to buy these implants and have them inserted by a GP? I’d want to have it done by someone who really know what they are doing, not some inexperienced ear piercing place, because it’s obviously quite a risky thing at the moment.

  49. hi is there any one in vancouver canada that can do this, i am very interested, also how much would it cost

  50. It won’t affect your ability to play guitar, but you will DEFINITELY be able to feel the pickups a LOT, and to a minor extent the magnet will influence the pickups as well…

  51. Just a professional note to anyone considering this:

    Nerve density at the top of your skin is much higher than at some arbitrary point below it, so simply pasting these magnets atop high-sensitivity areas like your fingertips should actually give a stronger sensory impact than implants. It’s also much safer, and easily undone if you ultimately decide it’s too distracting.

  52. # 77 makes a very good point about nerve density. I guess the ultimate mod would be a tattoo “ink” containing thousands of nano-magnets. Puts them all very close to the nerve endings.

  53. @HereKittyKitty, eternalsunshine

    I don’t know in fact that one could feel an aluminum can. It’s quite likely that it’s not a magnetic effect. Our senses are tied together more than you might think, so it might be your eyes telling you that there ought to be a tingling because the object is metal.

    That said, a very large and powerful magnet moving by aluminum or copper will experience eddy-current braking. The magnet’s motion generates electricity in the conductor; the electricity generates its own magnetic field that in turn pushes back on the magnet.

  54. I have been researching these ever since they came out and i have wanted one the whole time. I have found a supplier for 24k gold plated 1mm x .75 mm magnets and have all the medical supplies to implant it myself. Only thing i am worried about it the soft gold coating somehow getting scratched or damaged but i cant find gold and silicone magnets so ill experiment with the gold. I wont be using any general anesthetic which is ok i guess. I have a high pain tolerance. I mean i split my own tongue and altered my own ears with good results. Anyways i am going to do this so if anyone knows where i can get either titanium ( medical grade) coated or both silicone over gold plated magnets please let me know by email. [email protected]. will be glad to share my experience with anyone interested . Also will shate experience with my tongue splitting( which i dont recommend doing on your own. Even though i had great results, i have some expeience with mods)

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