BME Newsfeed for Jun 7, 2007

As you can see, I’ve finally moved the newsfeed over from the main site to here — it will be updated daily, thanks to the help of the IAM submittors.

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12 thoughts on “BME Newsfeed for Jun 7, 2007

  1. I totally disagree with the Anya/nose piercing thing. Nose piercings CAN look classy (certainly, they can look not-trashy – mine isn’t trashy, IMO). Also, since when does simple steel/titanium or a diamond not go with everything? I can’t think of a single thing I could wear that my titanium stud doesn’t go with. :\

    (I know, I’m preaching at the choir. I just wanted to say it somewhere!!)

  2. Nyssa – I totally agree with you. Nose piercings are very easy to make look “classy”… Although I think “classy” is a pretty crappy way of looking at life — as if the class system doesn’t cause us enough grief already.

  3. While I do think that some nose rings or such can look ‘trashy’, I also think that for that to happen, the person has to be trying to make it so.. and it might cause a little talk at the pto meeting, nothing to get her kicked off though, lol..

  4. The teacher story really touched a nerve with me. I am unemployed and having the worst time finding a job because of my lobes and tattoos. I have ALOT of administrative experience, I am a licensed insurance agent and a public notary and I can’t get a job because of the way I look. Neither of which affect my ability to get the job done or lessen my skillset in any way. You would think Seattle would be a little less conservative and hire people regardless of their looks or personal expressions.

  5. I think the IL:Animate Art link is messed up…

    At a school where I work, a teacher has 2 holes in each ear, a nostril piercing, and a small tattoo on her lower back that you can sometimes see when her shirt rides up- I hear the other teachers give her grief about it all the time, and am so sick of it! She is one of the best teachers there- I agree with the article that people should be judged based on their skills and not their mods.

    And her nostril piercing looks amazing, stylish, and fun.

    When I had one, my super-conservative boss and teachers all complimented it. What gives?

  6. ‘You would be much better expressing yourself with funky earrings or chunky wooden bracelets!’

    hahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Lame.

  7. Bwahahahah. The Anya one is a riot. Her picture and advice just go to show that anyone with an ounce of class would never listen to her.

    While it’s true lots of trailer trash / scenesters / etc do indulge in body mods, that certainly doesn’t mean EVERYONE who does is one of those people. People are still people, and a tiny diamond stud on your nose (that you can put a retainer in, might I add) should never be the determining factor of the sort of person you are.

    Your backpiece, on the other hand . . .

  8. Shannon – I agree! Classy is a terrible way to look at life. Look at half of the Hollywood girls running around today – I bet if you asked them if they were classy, they’d say yes. If classy = Paris Hilton, then I would rather not join in, thanks!

    Besides, I’ve had people that know me, and see me every day, come up to me and ask, “Wow, when did you get your nose pierced?!”, months after the fact! IMO, a 30 year old woman would be perfectly fine getting one.

  9. Oh wow, the Frisk made it on to Bme! That whole thing was such a fiasco, and the tattoo looks really horrible, but it’s still pretty awesome that it got so much attention.

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