Reach for the Stars

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Cutting plus branding by Blair (stay tuned for more of his timelapse scarification videos soon!).

P.S. – has just launched!

18 thoughts on “Reach for the Stars

  1. when i first opened that i was really hoping for it to be a time elapsed scarification healing video. this is so cool though! i wonder if that guy thought it through completely that by getting both sides of his face done that when they went in to do the other side, he would have to lie on his side on the fresh scarification. ouch! other than that though, so cool!

  2. Oooh, a timelapse healing video — that would be cool. Well, if anyone wants to take photos of their scars healing in the same position/lighting every day, I’d *LOVE* to make a video of it for you.

  3. My friend has the exact same cutting & brand done by Blair…but only on one side of her face.
    Awesome video though.

  4. timelapse healing video! now that’s some awesome idea! i’d love to provide Shannon with all the nessasary pics, but I don’t have healing (or any) scars, lol

  5. I have the exact same cut and branded star on the left side of my face… done by Blair in December 06! These are becoming his speciality I think. It looks wonderful on this guy too!

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