RIP, Matt

I am very sad to report that Matt Luvpain (July 24, 1976 – June 11, 2007) passed away in his sleep on Monday from natural causes, and attempts to resuscitate him failed. Matt was a friend, an extremely modified individual who was one of BME’s most prolific contributors, and one of the Eunuch Archive moderators. This comes as a very unpleasant and upsetting surprise to myself and the multitude of people he touched. Matt will be greatly missed by his many friends and family.

Matt Luvpain in 2002
Matt in 2002 (photo by incuse)

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45 thoughts on “RIP, Matt

  1. 2007, isn’t being a very good year for a lot of peaple…

    This Year star with a lot of friends dead…

    But the good thing, is that they were in PEACE now…

    Don’t be said… I have shure, that he´s looking for you now…

    *Sorry my english, i’m brasilian girl…

  2. Natural causes? What’s the definition if “natural causes” can kill a 30-year-old??

  3. Em, if you read his IAM page, you would see that he was pretty sick.

    I never met him, but loved his spirit and love for body mods.

    RIP Matt

  4. So damn many this year.
    Very sorry for everyone who knew him, words fall short.

  5. I just noticed his strong drive lately. Its horrible to see someone with so many goals and aspirations die that young. You will be missed Matthew. My thoughts are with your partner and family.

  6. Oh, right – natural causes as opposed to “got shot” etc… I just associate the phrase with old age…

    Gods, the list of meds he had to take…

    Why is it always the nice, friendly people who are taken away???

  7. RIP, my love goes out to his friends and his and to every one who looked up to him and respected him for being an idividual

  8. i didnt know matt but after reading this i checked out his page and read his interviews and wow.
    i have a tremendous amount of respect for him and his journey.
    RIP Matt

  9. oh dear
    I hope he was at peace with himself and happy with all he achieved before he died.
    My heart goes out to all those who loved and knew him.

  10. Oh my. How terrible. I never got to know him on IAM, but I read interviews and such and he seemed like a very interesting and cool person.

    How sad.

  11. Mat will be deeply missed not only by his family and friends but by the whole “mod” scene
    Rest in Peace mate

  12. Over a year ago he taught me that I was ignorant and then fixed it. All without ever knowing me.

    My condolences to his loved ones.

  13. He did have a plethora of meds, but none of those sounded like it was holding off something that could kill him.. this is very suspicious.

    Alas.. life and death is full of unanswered questions.

    My mom used to tell me that when people die young, its because their heart was too great for such a cruel and unforgiving world. They can do more and be happier in heaven.

    My condolences to his family, partner and friends. IAM has lost too many in too short a time.




  14. Quote from #40 “My mom used to tell me that when people die young, its because their heart was too great for such a cruel and unforgiving world. They can do more and be happier in heaven.”

    You’re getting it. Keep believing.

  15. the few times i got to actually hang out with matt and enjoy some time with him were wonderful. he made me smile and will be surely misse dby everyone he has toched and helped in his life

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