Abstract BME logo tattoo

I like Chippy‘s leg sleeve which includes a BME logo… It’s kind of half way between a notebook doodle and a Miró painting, tattooed by DJ at Bear Spot in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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18 thoughts on “Abstract BME logo tattoo

  1. For some reason, why it’s called the “hockey” logo never hit me until now. That’s an awesome tattoo, as well as a nice, fun style. :)

  2. Sorry… I still say a leg sleeve should be called a ‘trouser’ (or a ‘pant’ in the USA I guess)

    looks wkd

  3. This is exactly the kind of abstract style I would want a tattoo of! I love it. It looks so compact. Btw I’m with Winch on the “trouser”.

  4. Winch: Apparently it’s “sock” in Australia, I’m always being corrected…

  5. I hope thats going to be colour in, it will look great in really bright colours.

  6. thought i’d answer questions here since i am the owner of the tattoo. it is not finished as of yet, but i dont plan on adding any color. i might but not alot. i do want to make another peice above it in all color. go to my iam page for more pics, including the other side. for those of you who are ambitious here is a list of the things to find: the bme logo, a girl, 2 old school swallows holding a banner, a lightning bolt, 4 hearts, a star, the “a perfect circle” logo. and the symbol for earth from the movie stargate. good luck :D

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