38 thoughts on “Clicker Beads

  1. im not sure i understand why someone would want their genitals (or any other body part) to rattle. but to each his own. can we see (and hear) some implanted soon please Mr. Shannon?

  2. an old friend of mine had a scrotal ladder…

    before i knew he had it, i just always thought he always had lots of coins clinking in his pocket…

  3. haha i would have fun with one of these in like, a finger.
    it’s alot more convenient than clicking a pen, and people can’t ask you to stop if they don’t know what you’re clicking, haha.

  4. those are mad but idk y sumone wud want there genitals to make a noise but hey im not the one thats got them. i wanna hear them 2 lol

  5. Couldn’t small magnets be encased in glass, making them safer for implant? If these are indeed “still probably a lot safer to implant than magnets.”

  6. i wonder if a magnet could be implanted more safely using a capsule like that? as opposed to the… i dont know… silicone or whatever theyre encased in these days.

  7. emily beat me to the comment i was going to make; if you implanted a magnet in a similar style couldn’t you also get a better feel for the magnet’s movements?

  8. Maybe strong magnet should be put in medically grade stainless steel tube(non magnetic) and TIG weld shut, so there there is magnetic feeling, make noise and unbreakable

  9. Shannon, take one for the team… Put one in your peen!

    If I had a peen I’d want it to click. What a great way to take your pants off in front of hot ladies!

  10. I’d be totally up for this, had i not thought that something inside me permanently clicking would go from being novel to pissing me right off in the space of days. Its rad that people are coming up with fresh concepts though.

  11. To address some quetions regarding magnets and glass/steel encasement:

    The heat required to melt the glass or steel in order to encase a magnet would actually demagnetize the magnet thus resulting in a plain old, essentially useless implant. At least, no different than if it were plain steel or glass.

  12. I think it says something about me that my first thought was ‘how do you sneak up on people?’

  13. Child molesters? Pfah.

    I used to have a rattlebell barbell in my apadravya, and it clinked around whenever I walked – almost inaudibly, though. It was kinda cool 🙂

  14. My boyfriend is always sneaking up on me. I wonder if i could talk him into one of these.

  15. Now I’m wondering if there’s some way to make a clicker that sounds bell-like.

    I bet 1,000 submissives and their dominants would love “slave bells” that never come off!

  16. I would think that’d drive your significant other crazy during sex. *smack-click smack-click smack-click smack-click.*

  17. Ooops almost missed out on this one, having been off last week…
    It seems to work in the genitals as well, but I actually have my own clickers in my hands and behind my ears. The ones in my hands are at the sides of my fingers and in the palms. Those work perfectly and give no problems at all. The hands are really sensitive, so I can not only hear, but also feel the the balls roll and jump around. I love the ones behind my ears: I can hear them rolling night and day!
    Iron inside the tubes also works, not as good as magnetic implants, but I can feel strong magnets. Encasing magnets would be possible as well, but indeed they would demagnetize in the heat. However it should be possible to remagnetize them with a strong magnetic field (the way they make the original magnetic material magentized).

  18. well, a year later now, and finally recorded a video with sound of course; I will post it in BME-video.

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