18 thoughts on “The End.

  1. A pretty intense tattoo but dealing with all the people who either make comments about it or run over and try to give you first aid

  2. what is that thing you put the “modblog” logo on?? and is there a creepy face in the background of this picture??

  3. that’s very alarming… he should try and do that thing like in the scary story… go on the subway with two friends, head lolling all over the place like he’s drunk and the friends holding him up, then the friends get off stop by stop and he’s left there bleeding and… scares… people?

  4. AWESOME!!! this man is my new hero. i think this one is going to be a love it or i dont care for it or i hate it kind of deal. and yes i tottaly see that creepy face in the back lol

  5. Eh, the thing in the background looks like a pillow to me. I don’t honestly enjoy this tattoo too much but at least it’s done well. Definately intense looking.

  6. I even see two faces in the background !
    And the thing the modblog logo is on looks like a ‘sitting bag’ to me. I don’t know if there’s an english word for that sort of thing.

    The tattoo looks cool. But not my cup of tea.

  7. Customer: “I need another tattoo like a hole in the head”

    Artist: “That can be arranged”

  8. I’d be careful where I’d walk with that. I can think of a lot of places where people would like the replace the tattoo with an actual bullet 🙁

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