44 thoughts on “Dotwork BME-themed Sleeve

  1. Amazing, always been interested in dot work.

    Im attempting to get a BME logo somewhere in my biomechanical backpiece…

  2. Best sleeve i have seen yet and it has some Public Enemy in there aswell. Definitely kick ass.

  3. Son realmente bellos es increible que nunca pensara en este efecto de corrosion que se le puede dar a la piel creo que tendre que diceñar algo así para mí.

  4. Fucking LOVEEEEE it. The doctor fucking rocks.

    Really nice work, I think it will age really nicely as well and still look great in 20 years.

    I really dig the gun and arrows too, keep up the awesome work Keff!

  5. Marc’s dotwork is AMAZING. I’m soooo going on a trip to Germany either next summer or the one after to get some work done by him.

  6. Glückwunsch du Hueremongo ;P

    I really, really like the dotwork, the whole arm looks great.

  7. This work has me pulling people over to a computer saying take a lOOk at this ~_+& evry1 is like whoah *_^

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