Ready for the Minstrel Show

**Loveless** bumped into Lucky Diamond Rich in London and snapped this photo. He’s currently the most tattooed man in the world — I wonder if he’ll tattoo his eyes now that it’s a confirmed option?

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30 thoughts on “Ready for the Minstrel Show

  1. Yeah but doesn’t he have white designs on top?

    So it’d be more than 100%! :D

  2. no it wouldnt! you cant get more than 100% plus he had some cutting done which is technically tattoo removal so i wouldnt call him 100% tattooed now

  3. We’re reserving “Most Tattooed Man in the World” status for when he gets opened up and actually has his guts tattooed and his bones henna-dyed.

  4. I was at work today (library) and was working in the children’s library. I grabbed the Guinness book of world records and opened it up. There he was on the first page I opened :)

  5. I wonder if he’ll tattoo his eyes too, but I happen to think they’re stunning as is! :D

  6. He has some areas of body that have been tattooed more than once, some up to 8 times. For this reason he is classed as the most tattooed man. More than 100% coverage due to layers – common knowledge people.

  7. 220 percent is what his ink has figured out to be cause he had a body suit before & has up to 7 layers of ink certain spots,I dont anyone will top him.I like how his black work looks blueish instead of really dark black & the white desings are pretty killer over the top of it.

  8. what if someone fatter got 100% tattoo coverage.

    more surface area then they are more tattooed surely.

  9. he has the some really blue eyes. i wonder if he uses contacts or if it’s just an effect from all the surronding ink?

  10. Mr Will – 100% means all of his body, whether he is 18 stone or 6 stone is irrelevant.

    Simply adding more ink does not increase the percentage coverage only the quantity of ink.

    You can not have any more than 100% coverage.

    Basic maths people.

  11. I agree that the most you can get tattood is 100% of your body, coverups wouldn’t add to it. However he could still be the most tattooed man over someone else that has 100% of their body tattooed w/o coverups because each time he does get tattooed would still count towords “most tattooed” if you aren’t looking at the percent…I don’t know if that made any sense, sorry.

  12. ok so if some other person was to be covered 100% then they would take the title of the most tattooed person! lucky diamond was 100% but got cut so its removal! its just the same as getting it done by laser or however they remove it! hes not 100% anymore

  13. Is that a star cut out in the front of his teeth? Or am I seeing things?

  14. that guy cracks me up
    is he british?
    cuz i wanna call him chap for some reason
    maybe it’s the teeth hahaha

  15. i know you cant get more than 100%. im not an idiot. well not that much of one anyways. but my point was how do they define most tattooed?

    percentage coverage?
    surface area?
    amount of hours spent getting tattooed?
    amount of ink in you?

  16. Lucky Diamond Rich looks like he’d be a fan-freakin-tastic person to meet. He seems so completely at home in his skin and so happy, gotta love it.

  17. to me it seems like when you are tattooed this much its not art anymore, it’s just ink. there’s hardly any design. i love the photo of him with the bright white overlayed tattoos though.

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