Project Mayhem in Ink

I’d tell you more about Karlos’s Fight Club tattoo (done by Chris at Suicide Kings in Belleville, MI) and the painting behind him, but he emphasized to me that “the second rule of project mayhem is you do not ask questions” so I was afraid to press him on the matter.

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23 thoughts on “Project Mayhem in Ink

  1. I don’t know.. the abrupt line bothers me slightly.. I feel like there should be something there. Just a pet peeve though. Otherwise, much love.

  2. I’m going to disagree with Kelli on this one – I think the abrupt line makes the whole thing work really well.

    Sort of makes it look like a real sleeve, and it’s also left potential for words to be written at the bottom.

  3. I like the line.. it makes it so you don’t have to attempt to draw a body or anything when there wasn’t one in the movie in the screenshot… Also, great idea for a tattoo. Awesome, in fact. :D

  4. It’s fantastic, I’m wondering if it extends around the back of the arm as well. Or maybe I shouldn’t be asking any questions.

  5. The first rule of Fight Club – You do not talk about Fight Club.

    The second rule of Fight Club – You DO NOT TALK ABOUT Fight Club.


    Nice movie though :P0

  6. Awesome. I still think they should of kept the line ‘I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school’ in the film.

    I’m suprised I haven’t seen more fight club tattoos around, I mean, the film/book is popular enough.

  7. #9, I love that song ^_^
    That is, if it’s the one I’m thinking of.

    Great tat btw, this is my favorite that i’ve seen in a while.

  8. Personally, I love both the film and the book, though I have the movie to thank for my discovery of a kickass author.

  9. I love simplistic/stencil-lookin’ tattoos and I love Chuck Palahniuk so holy crap – raddest tattoo I’ve seen lately. But I feel like there’s something missing too, or it has great sleeve potential.

  10. “Awesome. I still think they should of kept the line ‘I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school’ in the film.”

    they did, the book actually has the line “i want to have your abortion.”

  11. That’s the shop I get tattooed at! Haha! Crazy to see them on modblog. xD

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