"Say no to drugs"

Cutting and skin removal by Raldymods Tribe.

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21 thoughts on “"Say no to drugs"

  1. This is the guy who STOLE a scarification design i draw and cut on liz(iam-fallnangel), and RE- CUT on someone else.
    NOT COOL!!

  2. carefull with the things that you say RON GARZA i never STOLE anyones draw,thats not my falt if someone got a draw that you must did on BME and bring to me do a work ,im pay to do this jobs and i dont care about people choice about the draw…wasnt a scarification photo i dont care i do it ,i didnt knew that was a scarification that was already done for someone… you should tell that to the person that brougth me the draw…im just a professional that do my work ..and if anyway you want to talk to me or tell me something go to my iam page (iam-raldymods tribe)we can set this anyway you want

  3. that draw is a simbol here in brazil of a campain against drugs…that means say no to drugs,dont use them …or even dead i use drugs..

  4. i thought the line through the hand maybe represented the life line, as in palm reading? I may be way-off there.

    I went to fallnangel’s page but couldn’t find a cutting that looked similar to this?

  5. well im going to explain here what happens about a scarifications draw (but not the scarification in this photo )…
    what happened is that:
    i as a scarification artist dont choose the draws that people want to do ..
    people have access to bme anytime,what happened is that a person came to me with a draw in a paper NOT in a scarification photo,just a draw in a paper ..i dindt knew that was a already done scarification for someone.
    i just knew about that today ..im bad and surprised for all that situation anyway…i already explained the situation with the artist that did that scarification …so im sorry for who cares…

  6. Ouch. That looks like it’s going to form into a keloid scar. the removal looks a bit deep and the lines are a bit wobbly.

  7. I don’t understand why that guy is so upset that is been apparently copied from someone else. I’m sorry, but if you post your mods on bme, thats the risk you run and you have to take that responsibility. Also, its a pretty well known sign agaisnt racism… i don’t see why its a BAD thing that more than one person is sporting this scarification design.. on a topic like racism, the more support agaisnt it, the better.

  8. that scar is beaultiful,
    the professional that made is good
    but to some people that dont understand..that was NOT the copy draw was other that was on his iam..
    but anyway congrats for the work and i agree with the comment from above

  9. man i love mods theey are eveerything i think abouut day in and day out i love everything ritual scaring branding tats piercings everything i live the shit im the onlie guy in a five mile radoes with mods

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