Dessert Themed Implants

SquirrelGirl had these two implants — an ice cream cone and a cupcake — done by Brian of Pure Body Arts in Brooklyn, NY.

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43 thoughts on “Dessert Themed Implants

  1. the cupcake (swelling?) looks more like a child-drawn-type flower with a hole in the middle. we’ll see how great it looks, im sure, when the swelling goes completely down.

  2. I like the ice cream…but the cupcake, well you can’t really tell what it is unless you know, maybe that’s cause its swollen…? I dunno, but cool idea anyway.

  3. I love the look of implants but have concerns about infection. When medical implants are done, they are fraught with complications and infection setting up on the implant is a forever risk. I expect that cosmetic implants are ultimately not any different but we just don’t have big enough numbers in a large enough variety of individuals to be sure.

    The infection risk, btw, isn’t just from contamination of the implant site from the outside. Things like dental procedures can cause bacteria to enter the blood stream that finds a place (like an implant) to set up shop. Any infection can spread and settling on an implant even from a remote part of the body. To me, that’s the problem with so much of the increasingly common mods…the simple fact that we don’t know.

  4. they are made of solid silicone. and brian decker created them himself. i have a heart implant in my chest that he did.

    they dont itch… once it healed i completely forgot it was there. most of the time i dont think about it unless i see it in the mirror.

  5. those are some large hand implants.

    i would want icecream or cupcakes every time i looked at my hand!

  6. i was thinking burgerking crown LOL i am not into the implants there are just to many risks i think

  7. nah, not my thing, some implants can really look great, but these dont do much for me though

  8. moddoctor…
    as an academic I can’t help but wonder if anyone is doing serious studies on body modification. I don’t find a lot of good medical trials of these things and I can’t quite figure out why.

  9. wintermute: it really comes down to money. No implant manufacturer is going to pursue it when the do-it-yourselfers dominate the field. Really, the inherent cost in fully researched and developed medical devices would prevent most of the people who get stuff now from getting implants. If the ice cream cone cost $500 plus the procedure to insert it, I’m relatively sure we wouldn’t be seeing it here. Without that kind of margin, though, the implant companies won’t research the implications of materials and techniques over time.

  10. people should be taking into account that these are probably wicked fresh implants. of course they don’t look perfect yet. i couldn’t tell what the hell pauly unstoppable’s under-eye implants were for a little while, but now they’re perfectly clear.

    wait a bit, people.

  11. those look so nice! the ice cream one is amazing; haha it would personally make me fat. i can’t wait to see the hands healed!

  12. moddoctor: You make very good points about risks, which are inherent to any modification procedure, piercing, surgery, etc. The risks are discussed, known, and told how to deal with them both precautionary and if a problem arises. I’m not negating your points, but there are risks in everything we do, and the best we can do them is as clean and safely as possible.

    Anyone who absolutely hates these because of the design is welcome to their opinions of course, but from these pictures and knowing when they were done, they are perfectly healing implants and will become more defined with time. They go very well with her Strawberry Shortcake tattoo sleeves, too :) Whether or not you like the ideas is your deal, but making someone feel badly about them is must lame.

  13. i knew right away it was a cupcake
    love the idea
    very original
    but the whole implant in the back of the hand idea
    just seems uncomfy to me
    i mean i guess it depends what your job is
    but your hands are pretty imperitive to many tasks in life
    working in a animal ER would not work with this implants…so i’d never get them

  14. They look awesome.
    Brian Decker, i have a lot of respect for him and for what he does.

  15. I saw these a couple weeks ago and they look fabulous. The swelling is down, it’s definitely more defined now. The waffle of the ice cream cone is just awesome, I love the detail.

    And xPUREx is right, they fit her perfectly, sweet and adorable she is.

  16. xPurex: Understand that I’m not bagging on your wishes for adornment or modification. I’m excited for you, frankly. I feel like I have some insight to provide regarding the risks, particularly the long term risks of these kinds of implants. That means I get to come across sounding like I’m being the wet blanket. I’m not. At least not really.

  17. I understand where you’re coming from and appreciate your professional approach toward discussion. I was not trying to begin a debate on the subject, honestly, just adding to your comment. Nothing you said was invalid.

  18. i saw the picture before i read the text, and my first thought on the implant on the left was “she got an implant in the shape of a penis?”

  19. Backhand someone an they’ll get a ice cream print.. And the wearer will have a very unhappy hand… I dunno.. looks akward to keep.

  20. ModDoctor – As an IAM member, you’ve got access to BME wiki editing — if you find yourself with some time to add commentary to the entries on implant risks and so on, please do. I’ve tried to be quite thorough with them but more help is always appreciated.

    I think that by and large practitioners want the risks information out there as well because the better informed and educated a client is, the better they are able to assess the cost-risk benefits, and ultimately the safer we’ll all be.

  21. I completely agree, shannon. There are several procedures i turn down based on this risk assessment. I’ve had FAR more complete successes than complications with implants, though, and with the very large number of them i’ve done, only a SMALL handful of problems remotely serious in any way, which were addressed and taken care of outpatiently.
    From my experience, when sterile technique is followed and surgical grade material insterted, complications are generally minimal. Most people’s biggest concern at all is merely the detail of the piece not showing up well enough if their skin is too thick :)

  22. Hand implants worry me some. With the amount of motion and how delicate your bones in your hands are, I just feel like you’d run into complications down the road.
    Personally, I don’t see these as “worth it” because I can’t tell what the cupcake is. Maybe a more recent, healed picture would do them more justice.
    I’m just worried about what these will do to her hands when she’s older. This style of modification is too new for me to feel totally comfortable with it. Get back to me on it when you’re old, and tell me how they are.

  23. The division between the medical and mod communities has led to absurdities such as doctors claiming that simple piercings often lead to death or severe pain and vastly overstaing certain risks. This leads people (understandably) to have little trust in these same medical proffesionals when they say that sub-clavical piercings (for example) are dangerous. The medical proffesion is supposed to base thier warnings not on prejudice but on science… but this science isn’t really happening. And although this picture is on implants, perpetual questions like “is salt water or soap solution better for healing” or “do gunned peircings heal better than needled ones” could be very simply answered by low-cost research. Not that we don’t already know the answers, but it seems that legislative bodies do NOT know the answers to these questions, nor does the medical profession as a whole.

  24. What are you expecting to see, pink frosting and sprinkles in ten different colors? They are implants, not tattoos. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but come on people, be a little more open minded! Don’t forget where you saw these pictures- BME! They are, as Brian said, still healing.I am getting more and more definition as each day goes by. The texture on the cone started showing a few weeks ago.I have had no major issues and they are in fact very comfortable since they are, once again, made out of silicone which is pretty soft and it moves with my hands. I am a body piercer and they have not affected my work except for the first couple of weeks after I got them, which is to be expected. I do realize that there is a chance I could have problems in the future, but I knew that before I got them. But so far so good and I will post better pictures(not taken by myself!)soon! Brian did an amazing job,and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.And yes, it was and is definitely worth it!I just wish that people wouldn’t be so quick to judge in such a negative way without really thinking about it first. You should be happy that artists like Brian are willing to be a little more creative instead of sticking to hearts and stars and circular barbells(which I like by the way, so I am not talking shit, but merely trying to make an example).And I have heard some more creative comments like “it looks like a rocketship” or “it looks like a key”, but a penis? Come on…

  25. I am daring to suspect that you are the sensitive ones, who know (bone deep) that the present order is rotten and must die. Is the willful transformation of your own flesh into alien configurations a strangled expression of spiritual love for human freedom? Do you envision a truly moral world order, one that is not ruled by war-mongering psychopaths? Or am I getting way too deep regarding the true reason why you chose to mutate yourselves? Please, pardon my clumsy questions. I just want to know more about what motivates your lifestyle. You are starting to become a major societal force.

    Best regards,

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