Glucose Molecule Tattoo

Last year, at age 23 (what is it with 23?), Andrew found out that he had Type 2 Diabetes… He had a really hard time dealing with it, but writes that getting this glucose molecule tattoo helped a lot. It was done by Kevin at Crescent Moon in Moncton.

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14 thoughts on “Glucose Molecule Tattoo

  1. The first thing I saw was “ho ho ho”, widely recognised as the chemical formula for Santa. It makes sense that it be similar to glucose.

  2. What, he left out the chain form and the optical isomerism? For shame. ;)

    Kidding, of course. Very cool.

  3. not to be a dick, but the molecular formula for glucose is C6 H12 O6…I don’t see any carbon….even if one assumes that the carbon is in the unlabeled junctures (kinks) that still only makes 5 carbons, and there are only 5 hydrogens shown…

  4. I stand corrected…I just remember drawing sugar molecules in High school, and I guess my teacher never touched on Beta formations…sorry

  5. I thought about something like this. I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 13. I also thought about getting a pancreas shooting itself in the head. But, seriously I should get “medical alert” type tattoo with my allergies.

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