Does it get her free Whoppers for life?

Kyndlee got this crazy “King for a Day Life” Burger King tattoo done by Bones13 at Electric Krayon in St. Robert, MO… I asked her the obvious question — why? — and she said, in short, that she thought it was funny.

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64 thoughts on “Does it get her free Whoppers for life?

  1. is that guys mustache real? that’s an awesome mustache lol. oh — yes the tattoo… well… i’d be creeped out with “the king” always watchin’ my back lol

  2. so many mustaches!!

    why cant i get any mustache rides lately? im not living as fully as i could be.

  3. Love that guy’s moustashe! :) And the king looks less scary than usual, so yay. :P

  4. You know we have “Burger King” here in the UK but I didn’t realise that there was actually a character…I mean there isn’t a picture of him anywhere in the burgers king’s where I live…or maybe there is and I haven’t noticed it…meh anyway that guys mustache rules!

  5. The reaction I get from other people is great. I wear tank tops all the time now :P

  6. This is so crazy, a tattoo from a shop in my little town. I’m excited lol. It looks great.

  7. Isnt that the coolest shit ever. Its got to bee the coolest pic I have ever taken.

  8. #2 i agree with you.

    & i think it’s because in one of the commercials, this guy wakes up and the “king” is in his bed with a breakfast sandwich.


  9. #26 i agree i mean he looks a little like a drunk abusive step father with thoughs eyes pointing in diffrent directions

  10. you can’t say fairer than that!

    I love the fact people get tattoos ‘just because’ makes me smile :)

  11. also #13 SURELY you have seen the recent adverts with the with the masks, i agree with all the people who say he is a little creepy haha

  12. hey thats my friends tat. yes creepy…but very funny. and a really good piece of art work!!!! the same question has been on my mind…is that mustache indeed real?lmao

  13. I love the king. He’s somehow the greatest advertising icon ever, and the most frightening. The recent “silent king” campaign has almost driven me to actually consume Burger King’s “food.”

  14. haha check out that guys moustache!!! if i saw someone in person with a moustache like that, i would have to touch it.

  15. I hate the King. He’ so creepy! I can’t even watch the commercials, or that stupid xbox game Sneak King. The tattoo is cute though.

  16. Great tattoo, it looks even a bit 3D in my opinion.
    I never knew Burger King had a mascot… I really like the tattoo and don’t think it’s poorly done, but I can’t compare it to the real character.
    “just because” reasoning for getting a tattoo make me smile. Sometimes it’s just more fun that people get funny pictures instead of great pieces of art (although I’m not saying the funny ones aren’t art) with great stories behind them.

    The moustache is hot :D. Congrats to him, if it’s real (‘is nicer than Hercule Poirot’s)

  17. the guys moustache was fake bit there is a real one growing in.
    Thanks for kind words.
    We had a blast with this tattoo.

  18. Rock on the burger king dude creeps me out but that’s still fuckign funny. The fake moustache really put it ove rthe top though. Good fun.

  19. Tattooed logos (bme included) are not appealing to me. I don’t judge anyone for having them, but I’m curious what the appeal is.

  20. I’m so jealous of people who can afford to get tattoos because they think they are funny while I can’t afford to get ink that actually means something to me….

  21. the tattoo looks nice, but I am disturbed by it’s meaning. Are people really that stupid now that they get fast food logo tattoos?! Also I hope she thinks about all the heart attacks and other health problems people get when eating that poison shit food. Really… It’s no better than getting tattooed on oneself. I bet that is even better because they pay….

  22. Well, to each their own. Just because I get a fast food logo tattooed on my body does not make me stupid at all. As for the heart attacks and other health problems people get when eating that poison shit food…How is that my problem? If people cant learn better eating habits then to eat at burger king every day….Thats on them. Not my fault. So, thanks for your input on the tattoo. If you dont like it…Dont get it. Not your body. To each their own…Like I said. Good day :)

  23. What I think it’s funnier … people commenting very rude comments without knowing the person or evne the meaning of the tattoo. Fuck me if I love Burger King (I dont bu figure of speech), maybe the king bring her back personal memories (dead relatives, lost friends, etc etc). I tough Modblog was viewed by decent and mature individuals.

    End of Transmissions.

    (Just before some mature individuals blast me for my grammar, English is not my primary language)

  24. Modd bashing modd how how sad..

    Hey Benj I’m with you.
    Thanks for the kinds words..

  25. I usually do not judge people on their actions on Modblog. I will continue to look down on this tattoo. It says a lot about our culture when people decide to get something like that tattooed on them. I think it is also sad how many tortured animals the “King” logo represents. These animals are not killed with respect they are just killed and often tortured in the process. All the fast food placed contribute to these awful factory farms.

    I believe that the consumption of meat should be done in a respectful manner……..

    And Kyndlee I do apologize for using the word stupid. I did not use the proper wording. I’m sure you are a really nice person, and you had good intentions getting the tattoo. I am just asking people to look at the deeper meaning.

  26. ^^^
    Ooh yes, let’s look deeply at the meaning behind every joke, what a great idea.
    What a fucking wowser.
    I love the tattoo, it’s funny, light-hearted and creepy all in one.

  27. Dude You are looking way too deep. Not all tattoos Have to represent something meaningful. Some times people get something tattooed just because Its a cool image.Some times tattoos are about remebering a moment.Its not Some Pro B.K. ad. Its POP ART! It doesnt have to mean anything. And who are you to look down on anything. If you dont like it Dont look at it. You dont have it on you for the rest of your life. If you hate fast food then dont eat it. But dont complain about other peoples art because you dont like the esablishment.

  28. dude. you are so awesome. thats amazing and funny!!! o and you do need burgers for life baby!!!! pay up king!

  29. I am glad that my tattoo has caused such a rise. I guess. I’m sure you are a nice person as well. Just seems like you are trying to find anything and everything to pick out wrong about it. Its whatever though. I love it. Just one question…How does one respectfully consume another creature?

  30. This is like debating with kinder gardeners… Seriously I will talk to someone that can say something intelligent, but look at the responses you people are writing….

  31. How funny,
    people getting upset at someone for voicing his opinion
    on BME,on a comment forum no less! How much MORE ignorant and absurd can you all get?! Are comment forums on mod blog created specifically for people to suck the c*ck that the picture was created by? Maybe it is..Maybe all you’re all doing here in the first place is trying to get some silly form of popularity by typing the same old “it’s a great idea,well done” bla..bla..blaa bullshit so everyone sees your name in public! How stupid!
    Someone actually comes here and differs from the normal boring flattery to say something intelligent,a commentary on not only a tattoo but society as well and all you can say is that (the above comments obviously)?!!
    Well,let us not EVER try to add ANYTHING unique to ANY forum,let’s not stir up a brain titilating conversation about the very crap constructed to push the modified MORE into light as being “dumb”,”uneducated” or even “normal” nowadays.
    Let’s not tattoo ourselves with beautiful images that envoke whom we are as gorgeous,intelligent creatures and just simply plaster corporate logos all over ourselves and claim to be so much more then the general public!!
    You’re all so boring and stupid. I’m glad at least someone hasn’t smoked their brain cells dead yet.

  32. I have a tatooed hot dog on my leg… and hot dog restaurent still don’t give them to me…. :-(

  33. I Dont think anyone has mentioned this yet… imagine giving it to a girl frm behind and aving the BK staring at u lmao XD..

    oh and all u out there who got a prob with this..get off her back lk (yes..pun was intended :P)

    i think its rather unique…coz i dnt think anyone else wud ave thawt to get it dun XD

  34. i know this is an out of line comment, but i like to have women in the doggy style. this would turn me off and if i gave the king a facial i dont think i could ever have sex again.

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