Cilantro in Theory

I don’t know what the title of this entry means but I didn’t write it… Owella got this great baroque-framed shadow puppet tattoo by Saint Kele Idol at Aerochild Tattoos in Birmingham, Alabama.

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26 thoughts on “Cilantro in Theory

  1. I feel so lame, but I actually put my hands out to see if that worked as a real shadow puppet…and it did. XD

    What a great tattoo though, cute.

  2. You know I didn’t think try try to make that puppet, until you said you put your hands out and tried it. So I did. So I guess we can feel lame together.

  3. I thought tattooing over any kind of moles are dangerous? Well, if they are moles… And a bunny named Cilantro? That’s awesome!

  4. I also had to try it and I was also still surprised that it worked…except for the eyes, couldn’t get the eye to show up like it did in the tattoo. But whats this about it being dangerous to tattoo on a mole? Is that for real?

  5. Is it intentional that the fingers don’t match the shadow in the ear-area of the rabbit? Like the shadow has acquired a life of its own?


    Greta~ The reason it could be dangerous to tattoo over a mole is because you might not be able to distinguish and observe their changes in color, the outline, if they grow larger, or in any other way. Which is the first way to detect skin cancer.

  7. You will notice if you look closely that the moles are in fact NOT tattooed over. I think a good tattooist will take them into consideration and ask you, or suggest alternatives. Although change in color, size and shape are the first signs of a problem, dark colorations-like thick blackwork-can also make it difficult to see changes in texture of the skin-thickening for example. That gets even more difficult to detect with heavy scarring(not to be confused with scarification).

  8. By far, one of THE CUTEST pictures ever…
    I would of never thought to do a tattoo of something like this.

  9. Before #3 pointed out the moles, I did not notice them. Now they are all I see. So dramatic…

  10. I tried to make the shadow puppet, too, after reading the comments. =/

    That’s seriously awesome, though (the tattoo…and, well, yeah, the shadow puppet, too.)

  11. #11, I don’t know it just might be a mistake, or artistic freedom. Did you notice that the bunny-shadow only shows one of her wrists? The other wrist and the arms were most likely left out just to make it more elegant or something…

    Really nice and elegant tattoo :> Cilantro is a rocking name for a bunny.

  12. This tattoo is the perfect mix or elegant and adorable. For some reason it reminds me of children’s book The Velveteen Rabbit, were the stuffed animals come to life when nobody is looking.

    After reading all the comments I am inspired to try out this shadow puppet tonight when the lighting it good.

  13. the picture is taken from a hand shadow puppets book (i own it) and yes in the picture it sometimes doesnt look to match the hand, thats due to the angle of the light. for instance the angle hides the one arm and makes the ears look bigger etc. you have to move your hands around and keep trying. my favorite shadow puppet is “old growler” shich is a bull dog.

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