Finger Lickin’ Good

I don’t really know what the motivation behind this tattoo of a self consuming cow is — in this case done by Drew Atkins at Incorporated in Zanesville, Ohion — but all it brings to mind for me is the Ameglian Major Cow from Milliways (The Restaurant at the End of the Universe — I’m sure other Douglas Adams fans know what I’m talking about).

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24 thoughts on “Finger Lickin’ Good

  1. It is a great thing, I would say, to have a Hitchhikers reference at the start of one’s day.

  2. “May I interest you in parts of my body. The rump is particularly good. I’ve been exercising it. Or a casserole of me perhaps?”

    Is this a good time to plug my H2G2 t-shirts? :o)

  3. I remember when I was younger my group of friends and I fed their neighbors cow a cheeseburger. Bessy loved that shit.

  4. This really confused me to start with. I thought the tongue, and the pink bit of meat were a chicken facing to the right…

  5. mad cow…mooooo, I’m going to FUCK you up!

    Anyone remember that off of Scary Movie 2?

    I thought I was going to shit my pants laughing!

  6. maybe it’s my dirty mind
    but at first glance I though the cow was, uhm, trying to suck his/her own c*ck (what with the tongue pointing to the light colored c*ck shaped section on the cow’s belly)….

  7. i agree with both #17 and #21.

    at first glance i saw a chicken and a penis, as well.

    yipes. time for bed, me thinks.

  8. yyyyeeeeeaaaahhhhh hitchhiker’s!

    “i haven’t got to the clever bit yet!”

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