Spit or Swallow?

Emilie get her “CUM HERE” tattoo from Seb at Fanatik Art in Baie-Comeau, Quebec…

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53 thoughts on “Spit or Swallow?

  1. How long does tattoos like that last? I was under the impression that the membranes inside the mouth were replaced rather quickly compared to the skin on the outside.

  2. Same as #1 … For how long do such tattoos last? How long before fading? And how much will they fade? Any info would be nice.

  3. It seems like most lip tattoos fade fairly quickly, but I have a friend who’s lip tattoo is going on 3 years old and it looks practically brand new.

  4. I guess it depends on your lifestyle as to whether it’ll fade a lot quickly. And I’m with #3, I’m not too keen on the ‘witty’ dirty tattoos.

  5. My inner lip tattoo has held up for a good few months and has not faded one bit although i know people who only managed to keep it for a matter of days.

    The ‘dirty’ ones make me unhappy though :( Perhaps I am prude? haha

  6. I think the “dirty” ones are awesome. What could be better than asserting your sexuality and asserting control over your body at the same time?

  7. re: staying power — my man’s had his inner lip tattoo since 2000, and it still looks great!

    as for the tattoo the post is about… my first thought was, “classy….”, but i do agree with mark in post #11 that it is good to assert one’s sexuality and control over their own body.

  8. it’s the perfect place for a tattoo that most people would consider dirty, so easy to hide… so only the people in your mouth know you want it. haha.

  9. goes to…

    Sara! for buying her monthly internet subscription! She shoulda made the internet a smarter place and stayed off! :)

  10. I’m with all these people who aren’t really fans of the “dirty” lip tattoos…oh well, live and let live, I say. Since that’s what she wanted, good for her.

  11. i love these dirty lip tattoos. it’s so secretive and no one ever has to know about it. what’s better than that? they’re awesomeeee.

  12. I like the expression on her face as though she’d be in a hurry no to get caught. Add the blue background, looks like she’d be in prison or something.

    I’m just imagining the b-friends face when she calls him.
    “Hey, honey, I wanna tell you something…”
    Pulls down lip.
    Enjoys stupefiad facial expression. (Sorry about the pun :))

  13. The real question is, will she hold her lip out like that and actually let someone cum all over it?

  14. Here is my understanding about hard to keep tattoos. Fading as I understand it is when high energy electromagnetic waves (i.e. ultra violet rays, the sun) break the molecular bonds in the ink allowing the bodies natural functions to process the ink and flush it from the body, this is why laser removal works. And certain colors are affected more than others(colors fade faster than black). The fading that takes place during healing is when ink falls out or is trapped in the healing tissue(scab) that falls of the body after healing. This is caused because of incorrect depth placement. Places like hands and feet have much thicker skin requiring much deeper placement. The work on my palms has not faded a bit because we went as deep and slow as possible when we did it. It is not as bright as my other work but you are looking through much thicker skin to see the ink in there.

  15. rick james-that was witty and you do not fail hahahahahahah
    i think its great i mean if thats for her then thats for her maybe its not “dirty” to her, as well i am tired of people thinking sex is “dirty” sure its a fun word for fore-play but common!

  16. i dont think that’s a funny tattoo, i think it shows immaturity, and lack of self respect…

  17. Seems to me like it’s a fine combination of the erotic and the pornographic. The former deals more with what is hidden; the latter is spotlit and cum-spattered.

  18. #30 – Funny and immaturity are subjective – to some, finger mustaches, Hello Kitty tattoos, video game tattoos, lips tattooed on your butt, etc. are funny, to others not so funny and immature. As for self respect – if that is what she enjoys (being cummed upon), then I suspect that it would be empowering to get the tattoo.

  19. shannon; yeah, for sure and i understand! but the fact is that she is just copy ME !! i met her !! i’m just disappointed about it!! It’s not the first time it happened to me..

    … my english sucks …

  20. How is that copying?
    Yours=Well Cum
    Hers= Cum Here
    Both plays on words using “cum”
    but not the same thing nor do they mean the same thing…
    Don’t be silly.

  21. I agree with 25. My inner lip and palm tattoos do not fade either; at least the blacks blues and greens. Reds, oranges and yellow have faded a bit over a few years. Anything that fades is within first few months simply because the ink wasn’t put in well.

  22. um, I actually never met Marilyn. I’ve never talk to her, i’ve never even seen her in person… why are you lying? stop bitching, Rori is right. this isnt copying.

  23. She passed away september 16

    I’m gonna miss her so much :( she was my sunshine for the past 3 years

  24. I think it’s sad when a woman shows her lack of dignity like that…

    ohh well…


  25. I Got A Inner Lip Tattoo Yesterday & I Love IT

    Who Cares If Hers Is Dirty?? I Think It’s Down To The Individual

    Mine Reads F*CK OFF =)

  26. Well , I just got my lip done a few days ago. I love lip tattoos.. they are very cute. But I don’t like that people are getting cum here or pussy eater. or things like that . To permanently ink it … just dumb.

  27. Ive just my lip done. I love lip tattoos but not when people but stupid stuff in it.. like pussy eater cum here.. stupid stuff. Mine says om nom nom :D

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