"You are my answer"

Meltbanana and her partner, tattooed by Carlotta at Quetzal Tattoo Studio in Milano, Italy.

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32 thoughts on “"You are my answer"

  1. she has a cute belly. it looks like mine. XD

    also, they’re well done tattoos, it’s too bad their relationship is now doomed.

  2. Awww…that’s adorable, even if I agree with cuntcumber’s comment about Murphy’s Law. =P

  3. It is a cute tattoo, but it is a shame that now they’re doomed. I’ve never seen a relationship last the tattoo.

    I love how fresh tattoos look. I wish there was a way to keep the redness and swelling of them.

  4. that’s adorable!

    and i disagree about the doomed relationship thing. i got a matching tattoo with my guy only 6 months into the relationship, and we ended up getting married. :)

  5. Although I personally wouldn’t get anything like that (high paranoia and jinxability, etc.), that might just be the sweetest thing I’ve seen lately.

  6. This is where I’d make a joke about a “fire crotch”. But only my girlfriend would likely laugh, and this is where I realise what a lamer that makes me… Maybe we should get matching tattoos?!

  7. well if they break up she can just have her new bf get the other half of the tattoo on him and vice versa. but lets hope it lasts.

  8. I have to disagree about that jinx too, me and my husband have matching tattoos and have been married almost 5 years and together about 7 now…

  9. to those saying we’ve been together for x number of years, i know a couple who had matching tats, lo and behold 20 years later: divorce. Time for coverups. I’m not saying it’s a curse but ya never know.

  10. This crap about ‘murphys law’ and joint tattoos being certain to see a couple split is so annoying. Clearly modded peoples’ relationships fail occasionally, just like plain skins do; people remember the breakdown more clearly though if it involves a couple with matching tattoos, so most people can say ‘Oh, I knew a couple who got matching tatts then split up’ – it doesnt mean that the relationship is doomed just because they’re wearing the same ink. C’mon people, engage brains….please?

  11. a quetzal is the guatemalan bird of freedom…i wonder how a studio in italy ended up with that name..

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