32 thoughts on “Sushi Fan

  1. proof that i’m getting too used to the things that i see on modblog: i didn’t even see the tattoo until i read the blurb up at the top. i thought it was another amputation entry beause of his bandaged thumb.

  2. that is sooooo cool words can’t describe!!! great color and work with the detail as well soo sweet
    i am now hungry as well haha

  3. for the size of the tattoo, the sushi could be way cooler….

    I do love me some sushi though!….

    I’m gonna go submit a sushi tattoo pic….really!

  4. Is it bad that the first thing I noticed was not his sleeve, but his horrible posture? =P

  5. mmmmmmm, Sushi. just had some a few hours ago. I recently became addicted to the stuff on this past weekend. Great looking tat by the way!

  6. Those are puppies in the background–not kittens! lol. I find it interesting how a lot of Japanese half sleeves/sleeves fall into the ‘generic’ category now, when a few years ago they wouldn’t have. Perhaps the new tribal/butterfly with an upgrade? ((I noticed his posture also!lol))

  7. Love the idea. If I hadn’t just had a way-too-big-lunch I would be wanting some of that Ikura right about now.

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