Dustin from the Piercing Lounge in Madison, WI did this electrocautery branding on a client’s palm… I’ve got a pretty high pain threshhold, but I don’t think I’d have enjoyed sitting through that procedure one bit!

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21 thoughts on “Nightstalker-esque

  1. ouchies. If it’s one thing I can’t handle, it’s branding. Which is a shame, as I really would like to have it done. =( Sigh. I probably will anyway, no matter what pain it will cause.

  2. Respect to you man, serious pain barriers were crossed here im sure :)

    Looks awesome to!

  3. socialcoma: lol.

    apparently though, the inverted pentacle represents the goddess as does the right way up one. hence not as satanic or evil as many think.

  4. *laughs*
    A pentacle is a pentacle, upright or reversed.
    As always, symbols can be interpreted in many ways.
    But regardless of the meaning, damnit that must have hurt.

  5. If you’re in Madison and looking for some sort of unique mod, definitely head down to the Piercing Lounge! They’ve done some amazing stuff, Dustin in particular. He’s a bit of an idol/role model of mine!

  6. candycovered:

    the official church of satan would argue with you. the inverse encircled star is – though not exclusively – still one of their symbols.

  7. Hey!!!….I Know that bastard….he has an executioner holding the head of Jesus on his back…so I’m not suprised to see this…

  8. Does this guy look like he’s into a Goddess or into Satan? Symbols have and will be used for multiple meanings but what do you think of when you see a Swastica…ancient indian religion or Nazi’s? The point is…. change that bandanna to a wizard’s hat and you got yerself a Pagan…. until then lucifer it is yo.

  9. alright, time for some disambiguation:
    1. this is me in the photo.
    2. yes, it hurt.
    3. a lot.
    4. it DOES represent Satan. but not that LaVey-esque “official church of satan” bullshit. in this syntax, the pentacle represents the Star of the Light of Truth… Lucifer, for all you Latin buffs.
    5. i don’t believe in a “godess,” or “god,” or even satan really, for that matter. it’s a symbol. not my faith.
    6. Dustin fucking rules. i’d suggest him to anyone who wants to get branded. i’m looking forward to my next touch-up.
    (hands heal fast.)
    7. my last name is NOT ‘Ramirez.’

  10. replyto #5 he is far from it it is a sighn of protection / keeps away bad spirits nothing satanic about it at all infact much the opposit

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