Dune Eyes

Josh is one of the first of the three of us to get the eye tattoo experiment, and I think his has turned out the best… On the left is real, and the right is a mockup of what it could eventually look like — somewhat alien, to say the least! He says it’s obvious what the rest of his knuckles read since the one hand says “SURG”… I’m going to assume “SURGICAL” but maybe it says “SURGING!” or “SURGE FAN”…

PS. Josh was asking me if anyone has any recommendations on the best (cheapest?) place to get sheep eyeballs to practice on is… Is it easiest to just go to a butcher shop? Or to order them from a scientific supplier?

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62 thoughts on “Dune Eyes

  1. I would say butcher… when we have to do something and we dont have human body partes is the best way!
    (i´m a med student by the way, don´t freak out :P)

  2. Good luck to him if he want to practice on sheep eyeballs. They stink really hard. I live in Belgium so I can’t recommend a place but when we had to disect eyeballs in secondary school, our teacher got them from a butcher …

  3. Wow, he has really pretty eyes anyway. Hopefully this does get to the point of the left photo, that’d look amazing.

  4. his scares ARE hot!!

    and yes, I remember Surge… it came in a green can and it looked like mountain dew. it was a favorite at slumber parties when i was in middle school, so about 10 years ago?????? geez. i got old all of a sudden. this is terrible.

  5. I’ve met Josh and he’s got to be simultaneously one of the most informed (and learning more everyday) and highly motivated edgy mod folks I’ve ever met.

  6. The best place to get eyeballs and organs and stuff is a lab that supplies EMTs in training, med students, biologoy classes etc. If you want to find one in your area contact a nearby rendering factory or slaughterhouse and just start asking who to go through. It took me about 10 calls from when I first asked them till I got set up, but they’re pretty cheap and pretty convenient from there.

  7. #9–I think it’s Muad’Dib.

    And I’m gonna guess that his other hand says “ical”.

  8. WOW. Now I understand why someone would want “spice eyes” – I hope he does eventually look like the second pic.

  9. The spice must flow!

    (Sorry, it had to be said. There, it’s done) Here’s my secret wish, though, that mods like these will somehow lead to better vision-correcting technologies.

  10. Martin – Better vision correcting technologies will come from the optometrists and scientists conducting controlled experiments in sight and not from those wishing to have blue eyes.

  11. Dude, just start raising your own sheep. Think of how scary it would be for people to come over and you have a shit load of eyeless sheep just wandering around!

  12. Damn, this looks freaking awsome!

    OT: At 4. ALex, Norway its the only country where you still can buy surge (it did’nt sell to good in other countries), but here it goes under the name of urge ;)

  13. “Obligatory negative comment from Giles received, carry on.

    Mitch on August 21st, 2007 at 6:25 pm ”


    I think this looks pretty cool with just the blue splotch too! It’s like two iris’! Those chest scares are nice too. If I had them i would rub my fingers over them all the time haha.

  14. Rori – Negative? Absolutely NOTHING negative in what I said. Although if there is then feel free to correct me. It’s called realism. Try it.

    Do you really believe the optometric scientific community will benefit in any way from this ?

  15. That looks amazing. I’m not one for experimental body mods, very much, but I would consider getting that done if it were common and safe (which, who knows, might happen within the next few years, given how well the experiment seems to be turning out!)

  16. yeeeowza, those scars are hott…

    and i dig the eyes, the only negative i can think about em is having people constantly ask about them… of course, maybe he likes that, i just generally dislike random questions about my body.

  17. i strongly dislike random questions about my body. it bothers me when people ask about my tattoos. yes, they’re visible, but i didn’t get them for other people’s enjoyment/amusement.

  18. quwert-really thats the same?? amazing never would have guessed
    dang i whish i had an upcoming trrip to norway haha thanks for the info really neat !!

  19. I think calling up an actual sheep/lamb farm and asking for some would be his best bet, I work in a natural foods store and we can get just about any organ from some of the places that supply our meat.

  20. Giles – Thank you. Your grasp of the obvious will serve you well. I was saying “wish”, just as others would say “I wish I had a Leprechaun’s pot o’ gold”, knowing full well it is impossible.

  21. reminds me that yesterday night i was quite drunk and bothering him with bunches of questions about eyeball tattooing :)

    i would love to meet people with eyes like the ones on the right picture

  22. it looks fucking cool. even if you couldn’t get perfect coverage for dune eyes i think it would be killer to have blotches of color at random in both eyes

  23. Martin – I guess it is similar to my ‘wish’ that people contributing to forums such as these were better informed and more open-minded (i.e. critical) but alas….

  24. Giles – Open-mindedness is a process for some, but an insurmountable obstacle (which is often held in pride too) for many. I’ve been going down the path of acceptance myself. Now if I cringe at a picture of a self-mutilation, at least I don’t judge. So far, I can only see what is lost, not what is gained, but I’m getting there.

  25. Didn’t mean “mutilation” but “amputation”. See? long way to go still. And Giles, I hope it never ends.

  26. sorry to disapoint but my eyes will never look like that….
    ONE WILL BE PINK!!!!!!
    im going to have the eyes and the hands oposit(btw i did get all my knuckles tattooed the same day that pic was just to be silly it dose say surgical) so one eye will be all blue with and the other will be all pink and one i am going to try running a machine on to tattoo BME4LIFE on my eye ball *crosses fingers* thats what the sheep eyes are for

    thanks every one for the advice!!

  27. also id like to add my thanks to Moddoctor for the compliment ive devoted many years of my life to learning as much as i can to be a surgical modification artist so to be considered so well informed by a doctor means alot thank you!

    also just for the record the reason i need a sheep eye isnt to see how it works when you tattoo an eye its realy to see how extensive the damage is and if the ink will actuly penitrate.

  28. I’m studying sheeps for my bio class this semester, don’t know if I could get away with a few eyes… but they’d probably be cooked with this Arizona weather the time that I get home… could be fun though.

  29. Scleral contact lenses are available that would give this look. Why eye tattooing rather than contacts?

  30. Well, I think that the scientific supplier would look at you less wierd. But probably cheaper at the slaughtering house, I don’t know if the butcher would actually GET that part.

  31. That looks awesome, although if i was getting it done, i’d leave a little white ring around my real iris. or maybe concentric circles. that would be so good!
    errrrrrrr, how do they do it?

  32. See also the Dune lenses (they’re full-sclera contacts). I have a couple of standard lenses from that place and I love them, I assume their scleral shells are good too. Just in case you want the Spice look without the eyeball tattooing.

  33. I actually like it with just the spot! Coz you still have the white to outline and accentuate it. Mad. Anyway, I think his eyes (let me clarify- IRISES) are already a really nice colour. But whatever.

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